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Technology Tools for Student Success

Online Tutoring

To register, please call Randy Crandall for more information: (505) 224-4308.

Khan Academy
Students can make use of our extensive library of content, including interactive challenges, assessments, and videos from any computer with access to the web.

Patrick—Just Math Tutorials
Patrick has been teaching mathematics for over 8 years at the college/university level and tutoring for over 15 years. Currently he teaches part time at Austin Community College, but has also taught at Vanderbilt University (a top 20 ranked university) and at the University of Louisville.

Search Engines

Too many students rely on Google for their web search, which is bad as Google is more generalized in the results it returns. There are two alternative search engines I direct students to as they give better results for classroom study and reference.

Google scholar
A version of the Google search engine directed toward academic research which keeps much of the regular stuff out of a person's search results. Gets rid of the junk and goes straight to gold! 
(4½ star rating)

Wolfram Alpha
Isn't a search engine as much as it's a knowledge engine. The results provided are focused toward academics. Math students can even type in problems and it will not only solve the problem, but demonstrate how it arrived at the solution step by step.
(4 ½ star rating)

Alternative Search Engines

Considered by many to be “cheating,” but for many fields in the sciences it is more up to date and accurate than any textbook. Has sources, citations, and has a rating system i.e. FA- Featured, A- Article to C- Missing Key Parts.
(2 ½ star rating)

General Education

Has a large collection of educational videos and animations on almost any scholarly subject. It is sometimes difficult, though, to pull the good items out from the mass of information present on the site. Good, but must “narrow” subject to find the goods.
(3 ½ star rating)

Open Educational Resources
Available to students and teachers that cover a wide range of topics. They are catalogued by grade level and media type. Must be willing to look up information.
(2 ½ star rating)

An initiative to provide free Creative Commons licensed textbooks for students and faculty. Their textbooks are professional quality and are updated regularly. Great if you are going for a med, science or engineering degree, not too many book selections.

A subset of Ted Talks directed toward education. Their tag line says it all: Lessons Worth Sharing. You can create your own lesson!  Limited videos but good quality info.

Other Resources

CNM Blackboard Resources for Students

CNM Links
Math 0550, Math 0750, Math 0930, Math 0940

CNM Math Science and Engineering (MSE) website, useful links…

GPA Calculator
Several options available online by Googling “GPA Calculator”

Weighted Grade Calculator
The Mercer University Weighted Average Grade Calculator was designed by Jennifer M. Cole (CLA '03), who majored in Christianity and Mathematics.

Points Based Calculator
The Mercer University Points-Based Grade Calculator was designed by Jennifer M. Cole (CLA '03), who majored in Christianity and Mathematics.

Quizlet has no predetermined curriculum. Students define what they need to learn, and we provide the tools. We help Art History majors learn paintings, Spanish students learn their verbs, 5th graders learn their spelling words, and new waiters learn the menus of their restaurants. Seems to lean towards high school students.

iTunes U
Now it’s easier than ever to unleash the full potential of iPad in your classroom by creating your own courses for iPad. You get to share your ideas in a powerful new way, and your students get a rich, immersive learning experience using the iTunes U app for iPad.

iStudiez Pro
Student Planner available to iPhone users (cost around $2.99)

Law Access New Mexico
Our mission is to provide respectful, efficient, high quality legal advice, brief service and referrals to eligible low-income New Mexicans over the telephone and help remove barriers to the justice system.

New Mexico Legal Aid
Civil legal advocacy organization dedicated to equal access to justice for all low-income people and communities throughout New Mexico. We provide help with civil legal issues through outreach, training, education, and quality representation.