Team Excellence Award

This program recognizes teams of employees for exceptional contributions to the CNM community. Although we have numerous outstanding staff and faculty, this award honors the "Best of the Best."

Who can win?

Any CNM team (institutional, divisional, departmental, cross functional) may receive this award.


Any CNM employee, student or community member may nominate any team for an award. Teams must meet the criteria listed on this form.

The Award

Award recipients will be honored at the Spring celebration hosted by the President.

Criteria for Team Award

Teams are eligible for consideration for an award after meeting the following criteria:

  • Team must demonstrate commitment to students and CNM through the following:

- Improving process at CNM.
- Improving the CNM environment.
- Improving the delivery of instruction or services to students.

  • The team's work must have identified and focused on an issue/problem that directly or indirectly impacts CNM or students.
  • The team's work must be clearly outlined.
  • A systematic problem solving process such as the Plan, Do, Study, Act (PSDA) cycle must have been used to solve the problem.
  • Results must be quantitatively or qualitatively documented.
  • How do the team's results tie to the strategic directives?

During the selection process, the nominator's name is not disclosed. Please do not make any reference to yourself in the nomination text.

Notification: All award recipients will receive an acknowledgement letter. Nominators will receive notice as to whether or not their nominees have been selected to receive the Team Excellence Award.