Outstanding Student Employee Recognition Award

The Outstanding Student Employee award recognizes student employees for exceptional contributions to the CNM community. This award honors those who have demonstrated excellence on the job.

We want to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our student employees and show them how much we appreciate the invaluable support they provide to the everyday functions of CNM. By showing our appreciation we want our student employees to know that they are not just “work studies,” but are, as employees, integral additions to CNM.

Who Can Win

Any CNM student employee in "good standing" with the financial aid office and is currently employed as a student employee at the time of the award ceremony may be a recipient.


Nominations are accepted by student employee supervisors.

Nominations are reviewed by a committee according to the description, actions, examples, and results described in the reasons for nominations. Nominations are also reviewed by the financial aid office to make sure that the nominee is in good standing.

All nominated student employees will receive an acknowledgement letter. Nominators will receive a notice as to whether their nominees have been selected to receive an award.

Nominate a Student Employee

Outstanding Student Employee Recognition Award

Award recipients will be recognized at the SEAR Luncheon. Each winner will receive a token of appreciation.

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