Services and Resources

Image of an advisor with a student looking over paperwork.
Whether you’re a student, an instructor, or a member of the CNM staff, you can find a wide range of services here.  Offering these services is part of CNM’s commitment to providing a well-rounded educational experience and giving students, faculty, and staff every opportunity to succeed.

Achievement coaches specialize in specific content areas and offer individualized support to help students succeed.

Academic Advisement and Career Development assists students with obtaining the necessary information for succeeding in college, including charting personal academic plans, choosing classes and declaring or changing majors. The department also provides career resource rooms at Main and Montoya campuses.

Assessment Centers offer a variety of placement, entry and distance-learning exams, most of them free of charge.

The CNM Foundation raises money to support students through scholarship endowments and institutional program support. Funds raised by the Foundation also help students make it through financial emergencies, buy books and pay tuition.

Computer labs are available for student use at all CNM campuses.

Disability Resource Services assists students with physical, mental, learning, visual, speech or hearing disabilities. Career counseling, program planning, classroom accommodations, adaptive equipment, coordination with community support agencies and specialized learning plans are available.

Instructional Media Resources Audiovisual Services provides instructional technology to CNM faculty, staff, and visiting organizations. Media Production Services provides video and multimedia production support for instructional and informational programming at CNM. A range of consultation and design services are available.

Job Connection Center provides a variety of job search services and support to students and graduates, including online job listings and leads, resume and interview assistance, job search workshops, on-campus recruitment activities, and more.

Libraries at the Main and Montoya campuses provide a variety of resources designed to meet the information needs of students, faculty and staff and community patrons. The libraries serve as the major information resource for CNM and provide library services necessary to support the college's mission. Library catalogs, full-text articles from magazines, journals and newspapers and an electronic reference service are available online.

Safety Information regarding safety issues on campus, including biohazards, Material Safety Data Sheets and other issues facing the public daily.

TRiO Student Support Services helps participants graduate from a CNM program and as appropriate transfer to a four-year college or university. Interested students must apply for a limited amount of spaces. To be eligible, students must belong to one or more of the following categories: income eligible, first-generation college student and/or have a documented disability.

Tutoring is available in the Assistance Centers for Education (ACE) on all CNM campuses One-to-one and small-group learning assistance is offered. Certified tutors are available to help students in a variety of subjects, free of charge.