Special Funding Requests Form

Fill out the form completely and round up to the nearest dollar. The Executive Council of Students (ECOS) Allocation Process generally requires two-weeks (two consecutive Fridays) to review applications. Applications should be submitted four-weeks before the actual planned event or for items to be received. Please submit your request in time to allow for two weeks for review plus sufficient time before the event to make your purchase (if approved) or to seek other sources of funding (if not approved). Applications not adhering to these guidelines may not be considered. Individuals, Offices, Departments, or Schools making requests can only do so once per academic year and only one application per event will be considered.

Date & Time of the Activity  
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By applying through the Student Allocation Process for funds and clicking the Submit button, I understand that:

  • Prominent signage and/or mention in event materials must credit the Executive Council of Students as the/a sponsor of the event. Examples of documentation of credit include event agendas and/or photos of signage.
  • ECOS must be provided an “after action report” that addresses how the funds were used, event attendance, attendee response (such as the response to evaluations) and any other information you feel will demonstrate the value of the event to ECOS.
  • One request may be submitted per academic year (fall/spring/summer terms).
  • Event must comply with relevant CNM policies and procedures.