ECOS Special Funding Requests

How to Request Funds

Determine the amount you are requesting and the purpose for the funds.

Fill out the Special Funding Request form.

Please note: this is a request and approval is not guaranteed.

The Executive Council of Students (ECOS) at Central New Mexico Community College have approved funds for a special account that would support events specific to student success, retention and graduation. The budget is overseen by ECOS student representatives and monitored by the Dean of Students. 

This fund is designed to provide faculty, staff, departments or schools with an opportunity to request funding for events or items that cannot be purchased with department budgets. The funds cannot be used to replace regular CNM budgets. The request must be very detailed in explanation of use of funds or a delay in consideration of request may occur. The request must be submitted at least six weeks before the scheduled event.

All funds being requested must be focused on student success, student retention and student graduation. It must be clearly stated on the request how the funds will support these three areas. The form must be submitted within the established timelines (so a decision can be made at least four weeks prior to the scheduled event) to ensure items are received in time for the event or occurrence. ECOS reserves the right to reject/deny any submissions that do not meet stated timeline. Any and all items purchased do fall under the inventory control of Student Activities.

If a request is approved, the form will be forwarded to Student Activities to begin the purchasing process if required (all price quotes and other required forms must be available to ensure CNM purchasing processes are followed).

Once the items or services are approved and or received the requestor will be contacted. If conducting an event or activity all CNM rules and regulations must be adhered to for safety and compliance. The Student Activities Office can assist in ensuring that proper forms are completed and departments are notified.