ECOS Members & Tasks


  • Spokesperson for the group.
  • Facilitates meetings.
  • Plans agenda for meetings.
  • Meets with CNM’s President on student issues and meets regularly with ECOS advisor.

Vice President

  • Serves as a member of the Internal Communication Team .
  • Facilitates meetings if ECOS President is absent.
  • Succeeds ECOS if necessary.
  • Collects reports from Satellite Campus Representatives (via e-mail) and presents relevant information, changes, or events to the Council during regular meetings.

Student Relations Officer

  • Serves as a liaison to all students and campuses.
  • Sits on Faculty Senate as a non-quorum member.

Treasurer/Budget Officer

  • Maintains accounts and financial records for money appropriated for ECOS.
  • Prepares financial statements and makes them available for meetings.
  • Familiarizes him/herself with purchasing processes and procedures to help ensure that appropriate processes are fallowed when purchases are made.

Administrative Officer

  • Records and distributes “minutes” for each meeting.
  • Maintains a record of activities and events held during the year.
  • Collects samples of documents, correspondence, etc. for the year.
  • Records attendance at all meetings and functions.
  • Produces summary of attendance for each term.
  • Produces After Event Reports (AER) including attendance, approximate turn out, and overall results of events and activities that are attend by, or hosted by ECOS.

Satellite Campus Representative

  • Submits weekly reports via e-mail or letter to ECOS Vice President utilizing an approved format in lieu of weekly meetings or, attends said meetings.
  • Sends visual confirmation of postings (flyers, posters, etc.) approved by ECOS at their respective campus’.
  • Must submit an (approved format) vote-by-proxy if not able to attend mandatory meetings where voting is taking place.
  • Must be registered for at least 3 verifiable credit hours at the campus they intend to represent. (Must maintain the previously stated overall 3 total credit hours of active registration with CNM per constitution membership guidelines.) 
  • Must attend CNM Governing Board meetings at their perspective campus of representation.

All Members

  • Participate actively with all ECOS activities, events and meetings.
  • Serve on assigned CNM committees.
  • Attend at least 70% of ECOS meetings, activities and assigned committees.