Starting or Renewing a Chartered Club/Organization

Interested in a particular hobby, activity, or topic but can't find an organization that fits your needs? Then start your own club and make your idea a reality!

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If you would like further information, please contact the Student Activities Office at (505) 224-3238.

All Student Clubs/Organizations at CNM must be officially chartered or recognized by the CNM Student Organization Chartering Committee on an annual basis.

Steps for Starting a Club

In order for a new student club/organization to be considered for approval as a chartered, recognized, or temporary group, the following must occur:

  1. The charter packet must be filled out completely. Incomplete packets will not be considered and will delay approvals. This packet requires that the forms listed below must be completed (in their entirety) and returned to the Student Activities Office in SSC 111.

    1. Advisor Contract/Non-exclusionary Statement
    2. CSO Chartering Application Form
    3. Active Members List
    4. Copy of the organization's governing document
    5. By-laws, constitution, meeting rules or operating guidelines
    6. Web Page Information

      Charter Packet

      This Charter Packet is to be filled out to start or renew a Chartered Student Club/Organization (CSC/CSO) at CNM and must be officially approved by the CNM Student Organization Chartering Committee* on an annual basis (official student governance organizations are excluded).

      CSCs/CSOs are encouraged to submit the charter in order to begin activity the first day of the Fall semester.  Chartering delays may affect funding, event/activity planning and purchasing requests. Approvals and correspondence will take place only through CNM e-mail accounts for the Advisor and Officers.

      *The Student Organization Chartering Committee is made up of the Dean of Students, the Director of Student Conduct and Responsibilities, the Student Activities Supervisor, one faculty member, and one student leader as appointed by the Dean of Students.

  2. The proposed club must have a designated Advisor who is a full-time or part-time employee excluding student employees and must attend, (along with all of the organization officers), a mandatory CSO Training Session once annually or upon request. Supplemental training regarding specific aspects of advising a student group may be required for all Advisors and officers. The advisor and officers are responsible for understanding the policies and procedures that govern student clubs and organizations at CNM and to ensure these are adhered to.

  3. The roster of proposed members for the proposed CSC/CSO must include a minimum of eight (8) active student members/participants four (4), including officers Four (4). All student members/participants must be enrolled in at least three (3) credit hours.

  4. All CSC/CSO officers must be a current CNM student and in good academic standing (GPA 2.0 or higher).

  5. The proposed CSC/CSO must have a name.

  6. The proposed CSC/CSO must have a mission statement or statement of purpose.

  7. The proposed CSC/CSO must have a governing document, such as a constitution, by-laws, or guidelines. If aligning with a National or International organization, the CNM Rule Agreement Form will need to be reviewed and signed by the CSO. This will occur during the actual CSO Training Session.

  8. The proposed CSC/CSO must have web page information.

Once the requirements listed above have been met, the request will be considered at a Student Organization Chartering Committee meeting. 

The Approval Criteria

The decision regarding approval as a CSC/CSO will be made based on the following criteria:

  • Is the application packet complete and have the minimum requirements for consideration been met?
  • Is the mission statement or statement of purpose of the CSC/CSO clear?
  • Is the mission statement or statement of purpose of the group new or different or is there an existing CSC/CSO which could be expanded to meet the needs of the proposed CSC/CSO?
  • If the request is to renew a charter, has the organization in the past followed established policies, procedures and guidelines regarding CSCs/CSOs and are they currently in “good standing” with the Dean of Students? All CSCs/CSOs at CNM must abide by all CNM policies and procedures in order to remain in good standing.

The advisor for the proposed CSC/CSO will be notified regarding the decision of the chartering committee by the Student Activities Coordinator through their CNM e-mail account.

It is the Advisor's responsibility to check their CNM e-mail on a regular basis and if they are not receiving any e-mails from the Student Activities Office, it is the Advisors responsibility to contact the Student Activities Supervisor to resolve the problem. CNM e-mail accounts will be the only method used by the Student Activities Office to communicate with Advisors and Officers.

It is the responsibility of the Advisor to notify CSC/CSO officers/members of the outcome.