General Safety Information

If you see any unsafe conditions, take immediate corrective action. If corrective action is beyond your capabilities, report the unsafe condition to CNM's Safety Office at 224-4657 or the Security Department .

  • Aggressive behavior of any type will not be tolerated.
  • Never bring firearms or other weapons on premises, including buildings, parking lots and vehicles.
  • Fascination with guns or other weapons may indicate an employee at risk for violent behavior. Carefully consider such situations and, if appropriate,  report it to your supervisor.
  • Immediately report any disorderly conduct such as shouting, pushing, throwing of objects, threats to inflict bodily harm, intimidating presence or harassment of any type.
  • Abide by the safety rules and safe practices contained in the CNM student or employee handbooks and all supplemental safety and health rules and safe practices that may  be distributed from time to time.

You have the responsibility to correct or repair unsafe conditions at CNM, by yourself or with the aid of others, up to your capabilities.

Failure to comply with any CNM safety rules or safe practices, or the act of engaging in unsafe practices or conduct not specifically covered in the student or employee handbook may result in disciplinary action.