Carl Warren Information

The following information may help you determine the correct form to use for incidents involving CNM liability or loss:

  • CNM is insured with no deductible for most liability claims, those in which the college or its staff may have caused personal injury, bodily injury or property damage.
  • CNM is insured with no deductible for automobile liability for CNM owned vehicles.
  • The responding security officer is responsible for completing a Carl Warren Form when the form is required.
  • Carl Warren & Company will be notified of all incidents that could result in a loss or claim.
  • Carl Warren & Company requires that CNM report all injuries, auto accidents, property damage and burglaries involving school property or autos. Student illnesses are not covered normally, however if it is alleged that the building or activities at the college caused the illness, notify Carl Warren & Company.
  • Carl Warren & Company maintains copies of these loss notices and sets up claim files only on those that result in a claim for damages.
  • Employee injuries require the completion of a “Notice Of Accident” form. Security Officers are not responsible for the completion of this form; however, officers should make the injured employees’ supervisor aware of the requirements for this form i.e. must be completed and forwarded to H.R. within 24 hours.

For any questions or assistance with the above, please contact Ernest Chavez at Ex 4657