Property Control FAQs

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The CNM office of Property Control is responsible for maintaining and updating the inventory of all College equipment, furnishings and other tangible property. The office is guided by CNM, state and federal policies. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our functions.

How does CNM define and track property?

All items, equipment, furnishings or other goods acquired by CNM are deemed to be real property and subject to regular inventory. Property with a value of $1000 or more is affixed with a property tag for purposes of control. All art, computers and cell phones are also tagged, regardless of cost.

What determines if a property item is to be discarded?

When an item of tangible property is adjudged to be obsolete, worn-out or otherwise unusable, or no longer economical or safe for continued use, is may be discarded according to Governing Board procedures and revised New Mexico Statute (13-6-1 NMSA 1978).

How is CNM property disposed of?

The disposal process varies according to the value of the items. Property may be disposed of through donation, trade-in, auction or sealed bid.

Who disposes of CNM property?

Disposal must be performed by the CNM Purchasing and Materials Management Division only, and as subject to direction by the Capital Outlay Committee. No other College department may dispose of property. Most property with a cost of $4,999 or less does not need the Capital Outlay Committee's approval for disposition.

How can I get CNM property discarded?

Submit a signed Inventory Adjustment Form to the CNM Property Control Office. Once the form is received, Property Control will forward a Work Order to the Shipping & Receiving Department to have the equipment picked up.


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