Towing and Booting

Information about towing and impound procedures, fees and release.


Your vehicle will be booted and/or towed after a third citation has been issued along with an orange tow warning to indicate that your vehicle will be towed on the fourth citation. Your vehicle can also be towed or booted if you are parked in an unallowable parking area, for example a loading zone or blocking fire lanes or dumpsters.

Impoundment of Vehicles

CNM reserves the right to impound your vehicle without notice for any violation of CNM parking regulations and/or for three cumulative unpaid citations.

All boot removals are handled by the Parking Services Department in the PS building main campus. If your vehicle has been booted please call (505) 224-3002, (the phone number is also on the boot), or come to the Parking Services Office, (PS building NW corner of university Blvd. and Basehart), for information regarding the boot removal process.

Contact Parking Services

Contact Us

(505) 224-4637

Parking Services is located in the Public Safety (PS) building on Main Campus (map).

Motor vehicles will be released only after you, as the affected owner/operator/claimant, present current proof of ownership and the right of possession to the vehicle, (title, vehicle registration, valid state driver's license), and you have paid outstanding citations and impound fees.

Paying Fees

Impound/towing payments are made to Discount Towing. They can be reached at (505) 341-0800 24-hours a day.

You will need to make arrangements with the towing service contractor to have your vehicle released after presenting proper identification.

Impound fees and all associated citation fees must be paid in full prior to requesting that a vehicle be released. Tow fees are not open for appeal.