Term Paid Permit

Paid lots are located on Main Campus and are reserved for those who have purchased paid permits.

Contact Parking Services

Contact Us

(505) 224-4637

Parking Services is located in the Public Safety (PS) building on Main Campus (map).

Sample Trades Lot Paid Permit

$50.00 (per lot and per term).

If you qualify for Financial Aid, you may use it to purchase a paid parking permit.

Paid permits are valid only for the parking lot it was purchased for but can be utilized in all general parking lots as well. Paid permits are transferable if the owner has multiple vehicles.

Paid parking permits are not valid for parking meters.

How to get a Term Paid Permit

Term Paid Permits are available to all CNM students, staff and faculty. Paid permits are sold on a first come, first served basis.

Register for a Term Paid Permit

How to Display

Paid permit hang permits must be properly displayed on the rear view mirror inside of your vehicle with the permit number facing out.

Failure to properly display a current paid parking permit may result in parking citations and/or the vehicle being towed at the owner's expense.

Paid Lots

The paid parking lots include:

  • North
  • Central
  • JS
  • PPD
  • TC
  • SSC/MS

See Campus Parking Maps for details.