Alternate Transportation

Information about taking the bus, arranging a carpool, parking locations for bicycles, and regulations for skates, skateboards and Rollerblades.

Contact Parking Services

Contact Us

(505) 224-4637

Parking Services is located in the Public Safety (PS) building on Main Campus (map).

CNM parking facilities are extremely limited. CNM encourages all members of the campus community to consider alternative transportation.

Bus Service

Bus service is available to all five CNM campus locations. For information on stop locations, bus schedules and fares visit ABQ RIDE.

Bicycle Racks

Bike racks are located at many locations. The Security Department strongly encourages the use of anti-theft devices when parking your bike on campus. For information visit Bicycling in Albuquerque.


Carpooling is a great opportunity for you to cost-share in commuting to school or work. You may live near another CNM faculty, staff or student or your neighbors may work at UNM making carpooling more convenient.

Skates, Skateboards and Rollerblades

You can also use skates, skateboards and Rollerblades on campus. Just make sure to check for dismount zone signs and avoid skating in parking lots, on loading docs, or inside buildings.