Parking Services Policies

Purpose and authority for Parking Services, restrictions, violations, sanctions and maintenance.

CNM's Parking and Traffic Policy and Procedures is to be consistent with the learning and service missions of the College. To this end, the focus of parking management at CNM is to enhance education by the safe flow of traffic on campus and provide reasonable access to all facilities for students, faculty, staff and visitors. Traffic Policy and Procedures are established by the Governing Board of the College pursuant to authority contained in NMSA 1978, Section 29-5-4 as amended. Parking and traffic policies and procedures cover areas including, but not limited to: 

  1. limiting rates of speed

  2. assigning parking spaces, designating parking areas and their uses, and collecting rent

  3. prohibiting parking

  4. removing vehicles parked in violation of campus traffic regulations at the expense of the violator, who shall pay the expense before the vehicle is released

  5. instituting a system of vehicle registration for the identification and regulation of vehicles regularly using institutional premises, including a reasonable charge to defray costs of providing parking and traffic enforcement services and campus parking

State of New Mexico, County of Bernalillo and City of Albuquerque traffic and parking laws apply to CNM.

CNM assumes no responsibility, expressed or implied, for the protection of any vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle or non-pedestrian device or its contents while being operated or parked on campus.


All vehicles are required to be registered with CNM Parking Services for all parking lots or campuses. A permit will be issued per lot depending on type of parking desired. This permit must be displayed on the vehicle while parking on CNM property. The General Parking Permit is to be displayed on the front windshield, lower left-hand side. The permit placard for all paid lots is to be hung from the rearview mirror.

General Parking Permits, at no charge to the patron, are required for all general parking lots on all campuses for security and safety reasons.

Parking on the Main Campus in paid lots is accessible by purchasing a Paid Parking Permit with a current cost of $50 per semester (fees may increase and increases will be communicated through the Marketing & Communications Office). Only one paid permit will be issued to each registrant; however, the same permit may be used with up to five registered vehicles.

The paid lots on Main Campus are North, Central, Jeannette Stromberg, Ted Chavez, Physical Plant, and the Student Services lots.

General non-paid parking is available at all CNM campuses: Main, Montoya, Westside, South Valley, Rio Rancho, Advanced Technology Center; WORKforce Training Center is currently general parking and free of charge. A General Parking Permit is required for identification and safety purposes.


Parking meter fees have been established as follows (meters accept nickels, dimes, quarters and credit cards): All meters, all lots: $1.20 per hour to a maximum of 2 ½ hours. Parking meters at CNM are enforced from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Meters are enforced during term breaks; the only time meters are not enforced is on the weekend. 


General Parking Permits, at no charge to the patron, are required for non-paid lots for security and safety reasons. Parking at the Isotopes lot is also available at no charge with permit. The required General Parking Permit is available in the Student Services building, and at the Parking Services office in the Public Safety Building.

Visitors may park free with a valid E-Permit, a valid parking pass from the Parking Services Department or opt to use the ParkMobile app to pay for parking. Guests and Volunteers may park free with an appropriate permit from Parking Services.


CNM strongly supports the provision of designated parking spaces within reasonable distance to CNM's facilities for individuals who are permanently or temporarily disabled. This privilege is regulated to provide accessibility on a priority basis. Accommodation of persons with a physical disability receives top priority.


Permanent Disability: as certified by a physician, a physical condition that will remain unchanged and may include, but is not limited to, the use of a wheelchair, braces, walker, crutches, or other prosthetic devices and/or involves pulmonary, cardiovascular distress, an arthritic condition, or orthopedic or neurological impairment.

Temporary Disability: as certified by a physician, a physical condition that will impede movement and mobility for a limited time, but is subject to change.

Permanently and temporarily disabled students, faculty and staff may park in all lots utilizing disabled parking spaces by displaying a State-issued handicap placard. When disabled parking spaces are filled in paid lots, disabled patrons may park their vehicle in any legal parking space displaying their State-issued handicap placard. CNM Parking Officers verify ownership of State-issued handicap placards. If the placard is being used illegally, CNM parking officers will confiscate the State-issued handicap placard. All confiscated handicap placards are sent to the MVD office in Santa Fe, NM.



CNM students, faculty and staff must register their vehicles with Parking Services as required by permit type, depending on the type of parking to be used.

1. Issuance of Permits: Parking permits will be issued only after the applicant has provided:

  • verification of employment (applies to CNM staff and faculty)
  • documentation showing a student is registered and enrolled for the upcoming term (applies to students)
  • current State license plate number
  • valid State-issued driver's license and payment of the required permit fee for the term Paid Parking Permit

General Parking Permits will be issued at no charge once the above conditions are met.

2. Permit Fees: Permit fees are paid at the Cashier's Office, CNM Student Services Center, with the exception of payroll deduction for full-time employees. Payroll deduction forms are available at the Parking Services Office.

3. Knowledge of Regulations: Anyone driving a motor vehicle to CNM is responsible for obtaining a copy of this policy, reading it and complying with its directives. Copies of this policy are available at the Parking Services Office and online.

4. Change of Permit Holder Personal Information: It is the permit holder's responsibility to notify Parking Services of any changes in the permit holder's address, vehicle ownership or license plate information on vehicles registered with CNM. Failure to do so may result in continued responsibility for citations, impoundment of vehicles and the loss of parking privileges on campus.


Permits are valid only for the length of the issued semester or academic year. Permits and stickers are permanently assigned to the permit holder and are not transferable to another person without prior authorization of parking services. Liability for all fines associated with the permit are the responsibility of the permit holder.


CNM will issue permits for parking in designated areas of the campus. Only one Paid Parking Permit will be issued per person which may be used for up to five vehicles on that person’s account. General Parking Permits may be issued to up to five vehicles on a person’s account; one permit per vehicle.

All vehicles parked in lots designated for Paid Parking Permit parking during a school term must have a permit clearly displayed, hanging from the vehicle's rearview mirror. All vehicles parked in the General parking lots must have the General permit sticker affixed to the inside lower left-hand corner of the windshield. (The only exceptions are vehicles parked in the visitor parking lot, metered parking or special-events parking.)

Possession of a permit does not guarantee a specific parking space; it grants the right to park in a legal parking space when space is available.

1. Permits - Sold or Traded Vehicles: The permit holder is responsible for updating information with Parking Services. Information can be updated online at Failure to comply with this requirement will result in additional citations if the permit is used with a new, unregistered vehicle. Citations are tied to the permit, not the vehicle.

2. Lost or Stolen Permit: Permit holders are responsible for the security of their permits. If a parking permit is stolen or lost, a $25 administrative fee will be charged for each permit to offset the cost of replacement and the administrative time required to update the Parking Services database. The administrative fee must be paid at the Cashier's Office before a new permit will be issued. Lost or stolen parking permits must be reported within 48 hours to Parking Services. Once reported, fines will not be assessed to the permit holder for a stolen permit, and the stolen permit will be cancelled with a new one being issued. A stolen permit, once reported, will be placed on the security hot sheet, and department personnel will look for it on campus. Unreported stolen or lost permits will be considered active. If found on an unregistered vehicle, the vehicle will be impounded and a fine assessed at the permit holder's expense. The permit holder will be responsible for all fines.

SECURITY NOTE: Permits are prime targets for theft and auto burglary. Vehicles should always be locked with windows rolled up.

3. False Registration: Only CNM is authorized to sell parking permits. No person shall attempt to obtain, use or alter stolen, lost or counterfeit parking permits or a permit issued based on false information. Giving false information that is known to be false constitutes false registration. Violation of this provision may result in fines, suspension of campus parking privileges and referral to the Dean of Students or appropriate department head for disciplinary action.

4. Recall of Permits: Parking permits are the property of CNM and may be recalled and parking privileges revoked when:

  • the circumstances under which the permit was issued have changed
  • a permit is used by an unauthorized person
  • a parking permit application is falsified
  • a counterfeit, altered, lost/stolen permit is used
  • a driver disregards verbal notice from a Parking Services enforcement officer or Security officer not to drive or park in a designated, restricted or special-events area
  • a payment for a citation is returned as not collectible
  • a permit holder's association with CNM is terminated


Every person operating a motor vehicle on property owned, operated or leased by CNM is subject to New Mexico traffic laws cited in Article 7, Chapter 66-7-1 through 66-7-512 inclusive, NMSA 1978.

The posted speed limit on all campus locations is 10 mph.

Accidents involving motor vehicles or motor vehicles and pedestrians shall be reported immediately to Security Department Dispatch, (505) 224-3001, emergency line.

All vehicles, non-pedestrian devices and pedestrian traffic shall obey the lawful direction of a security officer or Parking Services enforcement officer.

Parking or obstructing traffic flow and vehicular movement in aisles, thoroughfares or driveways is prohibited and subject to fines and tow.


1. Authority: Parking Services is charged with enforcing these rules and regulations. Enforcement personnel have the authority to issue parking citations, boot and/or impound vehicles and recommend sanctions to the administration. They also have the authority to control access to lots and advise security personnel of safety and emergency situations in all lots.

2. Times of Enforcement: Parking enforcement operates during the school terms (Fall, Spring and Summer). Parking enforcement with regard to fire lanes, parking for the disabled or violations related to health/safety issues is year-round, seven days a week, 24 hours/day. Enforcement of Official Vehicle, Special Permit, and Low Emitting Fuel Efficient parking spaces is also year-round, seven days a week, 24 hours/day.  

3. Paid Lots: These lots are restricted to permit holders. During school terms, parking enforcement is Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the North, Central and JS lots. All other lots are enforced Monday through Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. After 4:00 p.m. on weekdays, weekends, and office holidays, the lots are considered as open parking. Permits are checked only during the enforcement periods. Permit parking is not enforced Saturdays and Sundays or during term breaks and holidays. After 10 p.m., the lots are closed for business.

4. General Parking Lots: These lots are restricted to General Parking Permit holders (or Paid Parking Permit holders unable to find parking in the specified lot purchased) and are not open to the public. During school terms, parking enforcement is Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Fridays and after 4:00 p.m., weekdays, weekends, and official holidays all parking is open and permits are not required. After 10 p.m., the lots are closed for business. Permit parking is not enforced Saturdays or Sundays or during term breaks and holidays.

5. Visitor Parking: These lots do not require a permit. After 10 p.m., the lots are closed for business.

6. Metered Parking: Metered parking is enforced from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Meters are enforced during term breaks; the only time meters are not enforced is on the weekend. Meters accept nickels, dimes, quarters and credit cards. Defective meters should be reported immediately to Parking Services, (505) 224-4637.

7. Restricted Spaces: These spaces are restricted for their designated purposes 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Unauthorized vehicles parked in restricted spaces are subject to immediate citation and impoundment by boot or tow. Types of restricted spaces include:

  • spaces for the disabled
  • disabled van access and adjacent crosshatch areas
  • load and unload zones
  • service vehicle zones and zones spaces designated for official CNM vehicles
  • fire lanes
  • no parking zones
  • disabled (handicap access) walkway crosshatch areas
  • reserved (bagged) parking meter spaces
  • designated special-events areas
  • other areas as designated by cones, barricades, temporary signage, or permanent signage

8. Vehicle Registration: All vehicles are required to be registered at CNM regardless of the type of lot they are parked in. A General Parking Permit, (which may be obtained at no charge at various locations on the different campuses, or in the Parking Services office) is the minimum required to park, on all campuses. Proof of employment or student enrollment is required.


1. Knowledge of Regulations: It is the responsibility of every operator of a motor vehicle, bicycle or other non-pedestrian device on campus to read and fully understand these regulations. A lack of knowledge of these regulations will not serve as grounds for the dismissal of a citation or impoundment, nor will it lead to a favorable decision for the appellant in the appeal process.

2. Signage and Designated Spaces: Vehicles must be parked ONLY where spaces have been identified with two parallel white lines and/or a parking bumper. Restricted spaces are marked with signs, barricades, cones, etc. Failure to comply with restricted parking regulations will result in citations and/or impoundment by towing or boot installation.

3. Legal Parking Space: A legal parking space is designated by two parallel stall lines in paved areas and/or bumper blocks. In unpaved areas, they are designated by bumper blocks. All vehicles at CNM must be parked in legal parking spaces on campus.

4. Motorcycles, Mopeds, Motor Scooters: These vehicles are prohibited from legal parking spaces for motor vehicles; instead, motorcycle parking areas are provided. Motorcycles and similar vehicles must register with Parking Services (Guide to Parking and Traffic Regulations 11) at CNM. If more than one motorcycle, moped, motor scooter, etc. is parked in a metered space, all vehicles will be cited.

5. Drivers of State Vehicles: Any person operating a CNM or State of New Mexico vehicle is responsible for knowing and abiding by all local, state and federal motor vehicle and traffic regulations and CNM parking regulations. Drivers of State of New Mexico vehicles will be held personally liable for parking citations.

6. Use of Lots for Emergency, Utility or Maintenance Service or Special Needs:

  • CNM reserves the right to close any campus parking area at any time for maintenance or safety reasons or for special needs or events.
  • Emergency or public utility personnel performing official duties may deviate from these regulations, as required, to conduct emergency procedures and/or maintenance services as prescribed by CNM.

7. Special-Events Parking: Campus parking facilities may be used for special events. On such occasions, the Security Department/Parking Services may impose parking and traffic limitations. Persons driving and parking on campus are expected to comply with signs, barricades and cones regulating or restricting parking for special events. Failure to comply may result in citations, boots, towing and/or disciplinary action.

8. Vehicle Repair and Storage at CNM Parking Lots: Using CNM parking facilities for vehicle repair, maintenance or storage is strictly prohibited. Vehicles identified on campus after 72 hours will be cited and impounded by Parking Services.

9. Impoundment of Vehicles: CNM reserves the right to impound any vehicle WITHOUT NOTICE for the violation of these parking regulations and/or for three cumulative unpaid citations. Motor vehicles will be released only after the affected owner/operator/claimant presents current proof of ownership, the right of possession of the vehicle (title, vehicle registration, valid State driver's license), and pays all outstanding citations and storage, removal and impound fees.

10. Release of Impounded Vehicles After Hours:

  • Tows: Arrangements must be made with the towing service contractor to have the vehicle released after presenting proper identification.
  • Booted Vehicles: Fees for booted vehicles must be paid at the Cashier's Office at the Student Services Center, Monday through Friday, until 5 p.m. After 5 p.m. and on weekends, payments can be made online at

11. Liability: CNM assumes no responsibility for the care and protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time while the vehicle is on property owned, operated or leased by CNM.

CNM Parking Services as well as Security Department representatives are authorized to issue citations for violations of the Central New Mexico Community College Parking rules and regulations. Administrative citations are issued with an assessment fee with the right to appeal.

Vehicles may be impounded for three cumulative unpaid or non-appealed violations of these regulations or any violation(s) that creates a potential health or safety risk to other vehicles or pedestrians in CNM parking facilities or property.


  • V1A Parking/blocking disabled space, van access/load area: $250
  • V1B Safety hazard (blocking sidewalk, disabled access pathways, traffic lane, fire hydrant, fire lane): $25
  • V1C Parking on CNM property without permit: $25
  • V1D Expired meter: $25
  • V1E Parking vehicle outside legal parking space, double parking over stall lines, blocking legally parked car in spaces: $25
  • V1F Parking on landscaped areas, grass, dirt, shrubs, gravel, flower beds, sand, etc.: $25
  • V1G Illegal use of CNM parking permit or unauthorized reproduction, alteration, defacing, revoking, transferring permit (possible revocation of parking privileges): $25
  • V1H Parking/blocking in a service vehicle space, a designated service vehicle area or obstructing trash collection areas: $25
  • V1l Parking overtime in a load/unload zone: $25
  • V1J Parking vehicle in the visitor lot overnight: $25
  • V1K Parking a vehicle on campus for the purpose of habitation, vehicle repair or storage, long term past 3 days: $25
  • V1L Failure to display current/valid CNM parking permit: $25
  • V1M Bypassing, removing or attempting removal of a parking control device, accessing a gate-controlled device or barricaded area: $25
  • V1N Parking in reserved space, reserved meter space or a reserved area, parking not authorized by permit: $25
  • V10 Blocking thoroughfare, obstructing traffic flow: $25
  • V1P Parking a motorcycle in locations other than those designated as motorcycle parking: $25
  • V1Q Parking more than one motorcycle-type vehicle in a parking space (fine is per vehicle in the space): $25
  • V1R Impoundment - Boot (per impound): $50
  • V1S Impoundment/Tow Warning: $0
  • V1T Illegally parked vehicle not displaying a valid and current State license plate or temporary placard: $25
  • V1U Attempting to remove or removing a parking boot device placed on a vehicle by CNM Parking Services (If the boot device is damaged, the cost to replace the device will be added to the fine.): $100
  • V1V Operating a motor vehicle in excess of 10 mph on any land owned, operated or leased by CNM (fine is per offense): $25
  • V1X Meter tampering: the willful attempt to hinder the proper functioning of a parking meter or any act to bypass the operation of a parking meter: $25
  • V1Z Other non-moving violations of the Parking and Traffic Policy and Procedures: $25


State of New Mexico laws governing the movement of motor vehicles and bicycles are in effect on all CNM campuses. Any observed violation of the New Mexico traffic code will be reported to the Albuquerque Police Department for enforcement.

Vehicles may not be driven against the designated isle direction or traffic flow in CNM parking lots. All vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians and non-pedestrian devices must obey the lawful direction of a CNM security officer or authorized parking enforcement officer.

1. Maximum Speed Limit: The posted maximum speed limit on all CNM campuses is 10 mph. 

2. Reporting Accidents: All accidents occurring on CNM property and involving motor vehicles and/or bicycles must be reported immediately to the Security Department. The emergency dispatch number is (505) 224-3001.

3. Pedestrians: Within a crosswalk, pedestrians have the right of way at all times.


Administrative and disciplinary sanctions which may be imposed upon CNM students and employees include, but are not limited to (1) total withdrawal or temporary suspension of campus parking privileges and/or (2) oral and written reprimand and other progressive discipline, as indicated.

1. Habitual and Flagrant Violations: Any employee or student who is referred by the Parking Services Review Committee to the Dean of Students, other instructional dean, department head or department directors for administrative or disciplinary sanctions may appeal that recommendation by the following procedures set forth in the CNM Catalog and Student or Employee handbooks.

  • Students: The names of students who habitually disregard the CNM parking and traffic regulations will be sent to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action. The Dean of Students has full discretion as to the degree and type of disciplinary action to be used.
  • CNM Employees: The names of employees who habitually or flagrantly disregard the CNM parking and traffic regulations will be sent to the appropriate supervisor/dean, department head or director for disciplinary action.
  • Members of the General Public: Members of the general public who habitually or flagrantly disregard CNM parking and traffic regulations shall have their vehicles impounded and be responsible for all citation and impound fees.



All fines associated with violations to this policy must be paid to CNM Parking Services. Payment(s) must be made online at the Parking Services e-services webpage or at the Cashier's Office, CNM Student Services Center, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Citations must be paid in full or appealed within sixteen (16) calendar days of issuance. Impound/boot fees and all associated citation fees must be paid in full prior to requesting that a vehicle be released or payment arrangements made with the Cashier’s Office.

Appeals not received by 5 p.m. on the sixteenth calendar day of will result in the FORFEITURE of the right to appeal the citation. Three or more unpaid or non-appealed citations may result in the impoundment of the vehicle.


1. Parking Services Review Committee: Authority

Under the authority of the Governing Board of Central New Mexico Community College and in accordance with this Parking and Traffic Policy and Procedures, the Parking Services Review Committee is hereby formed for the express purpose of reviewing student and employee parking issues and hearing citation appeals. The committee's goal is to strive for the fair and equitable adjudication of claims made by appellants.

2.  Parking Services Review Committee: Composition

The Parking Services Review Committee is comprised of six members (a minimum of three members). The panel is interdisciplinary and represents a broad spectrum of CNM from all major divisions and the student government body. Membership shall include a chair which will be a Parking Services staff member. The chair has no voting rights and the position is for procedural purposes only.

3. Parking Services Review Committee: Meetings

  • Quorum: A minimum of three members must be present to review appeals and render a decision. The chairperson should attend all meetings; however, the chairperson's presence is not required for the committee to review appeals and render decisions. A ruling from the committee will require a simple majority.
  • Meeting Dates: The Parking Services Review Committee meets every Friday at 9:30 am during semester terms. Meeting places will be determined by the chairperson, per annum semester. 
  • Case Load Management: Cases will be heard on a first-in, first-out basis according to the date and time an appeal is filed. Cases will be reviewed in an expedient manner; however, the committee is allowed up to 45 calendar days to render a decision on an appeal.

4. The Appeals Process

The following appeals process is established for the expedient and fair review of appeals filed by students and staff cited for parking and traffic violations at CNM. Tow fees and Boot fees are not open for appeal.

  • A person who receives a parking citation may appeal the citation online at or in writing at the Parking Services Office. A "motion for appeal” form is available at the Security Department/Parking Services at the above address and online. Parking Services must receive appeals within sixteen (16) calendar days of the issuance of the citation and no later than 5 p.m. on the sixteenth calendar day. Appeals not received in this manner will result in forfeiture of the right to appeal, and all fines will be imposed.
  • All appeals must be in writing and are reviewed by the Parking Services Review Committee in accordance with its weekly review. Appellants are not allowed at committee reviews. The citation appeal is an administrative review, not a judicial hearing. Results of the committee's review will be sent to the appellant in writing immediately after a decision is rendered.

5. Decision in Favor of Appellant: If the appeal is decided in favor of the appellant, the matter is closed and the fines are canceled. Multiple citations are reviewed individually and decided on their own merits.

6. Decision Against the Appellant: If the decision of the committee is against the appellant's argument, the fine(s) remain outstanding and must be paid.

  • Request to change Appeal Committee's appeal decision will be based on merit and/or new information. The request is to be initiated with the Parking Services Supervisor. The Parking Services Supervisor or their appointed designee shall review the request and make the final decision. Request must be made before the appeal citation due date. (Due date posted on Appeal Decision letter.)
  •  If the Committee's decision is upheld the fine(s) remain outstanding and must be paid.
  •  If the Committee's decision is overturned the fine(s) are canceled. 



Special event parking and reserved parking requests are available only through Parking Services. Upcoming campus events, special meetings, conferences or seminars will be accommodated. CNM departments hosting visitors or special functions are responsible for transmitting parking information needs to the parking supervisor. Reservation of 20 spaces or fewer requires five (5) CNM business-days' notice. Reservation of more than 20 spaces requires a minimum of ten (10) CNM business-days' notice; however, thirty (30) CNM business-days' notice is preferred and appreciated. All requests must via e-mail to


CNM parking facilities are extremely limited. CNM encourages all members of the campus community to consider alternative transportation to campus. Some suggestions include:

1. Public Transit: Bus service is available to all five CNM campus locations. ABQ Ride bus schedules and information about related services are available at the Student Services Center information desk.

2. Bicycles: Bicycle racks are located at various locations at all CNM campus locations. The Security Department strongly encourages the use of anti-theft devices when parking your bike on campus. Bicycles can only be parked and secured to designated bicycle rack. Bicycles secured at any other locations can be confiscated due to safety risks by the Security Department. Replacement of any security device will be at the cost of the owner.


It is recommended that CNM employees and students using campus facilities in the evening park in well-lit areas and avoid walking alone and in isolated areas of the campus. The Security Department provides an escort service in the evenings. Employees and students and staff may request an escort by calling Security Dispatch at (505) 224-3002.


The use of skates, skateboards and rollerblades in buildings, interior campus sidewalk areas, parking lots and loading dock areas is prohibited. Persons using such equipment must limit the use of non­-pedestrian devices to public access ways only.


The Security Department may provide motorist assistance to anyone parking at CNM as a courtesy.

A security officer may provide the following when requested, dependent on availability:

  • Jump starting a vehicle (two attempts)
  • Unlocking a car door (power lock doors may be refused and vehicles with side air bags will not be attempted)

Motorists will be required to sign a service disclaimer before any service will be rendered. Assistance may be requested by calling Security Dispatch at (505) 224-3002.


Abandoned Vehicle: any motor vehicle or non-pedestrian device, or parts thereof, that remains unclaimed for 72 hours.

Academic Year: the school year beginning the fall trimester of one calendar year until the end of the summer trimester of the next calendar year.

Bicycle: any non-motorized vehicle supported by one, two or three wheels and propelled by human power through the use of a chain­-driven sprocket system and pedals.

Bicycle Parking Area: any specifically designed location identified by bicycle blocks, racks or signage for the purpose of parking and/or securing bicycles.

Boot: a device placed on a vehicle's wheel (tire) to immobilize the vehicle due to multiple unpaid parking citations or other violations as prescribed in this policy.

Business Day: all days that CNM is open for business. This excludes official CNM holiday closures and Saturdays and Sundays. While classes may be in session during the weekend, CNM business is normally conducted Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Carpool: an arrangement whereby two or more commuters travel together in one car and share costs.

Citation: a written or printed notice from CNM Parking Services stating that a violation against a stipulated parking rule or regulation has occurred, a fine has been levied against the operator of the vehicle, and payment is required within a specific time.

Contractor: any person performing work for CNM under contract arrangement, excluding faculty arrangements.

Crosshatch: an area that has been marked with stripes denoting a no-parking area, disabled (handicap) access, disabled handicap van access, a fire lane area or a turn-around zone.

Crosswalk: areas at intersections designated for pedestrian crossings.

Curb Markings: color-coded regulatory designations. Yellow curbs designate load/unload zones. Red curbs indicate fire lane and no parking areas. Green curbs indicate service areas. Unmarked curbs may be marked with parking restrictions.

Employee: any person employed by CNM, either full time or part time. This includes faculty and staff designations.

General Parking: permit parking areas that are non-paid yet require the registration of a vehicle and issuance of a General Parking Permit to park at CNM and be in compliance with this policy.

Government Vehicle: for the purpose of this policy, a CNM fleet vehicle bearing license plates designating affiliation with the State of New Mexico.

Disabled Parking: designated parking spaces that comply with the Federal American with Disabilities Act (ADA) regarding number of spaces, the design and access of spaces for disabled persons with cars and vans, and related enforcement requirements.

Holiday: applies to official CNM holidays (such as Christmas Day) and not academic recess periods such as term breaks.

Impoundment: the removal of a vehicle by towing or the immobilization of a vehicle by booting for a violation of the rules or regulations of this policy.

Landscaping: grass, gravel, islands, trees, shrubs, sand, flower beds and dirt areas that are not designated driveways, load zones or parking areas.

Legal Parking Space: a space designated by two white or yellow parallel stall lines in a paved parking area or a space designated by a parking bumper block in non-paved lots. The vehicle must be parked within the stall lines in the paved areas and perpendicular to the bumper block in non-paved areas.

Load/Unload Areas (Zones): areas designated for loading and unloading heavy, bulky or voluminous material. Use is limited to 20 minutes.

Metered Spaces: parking spaces that require interval payment by coin from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Moped/Motorcycle/Motorbike: a two- or three-wheeled motor vehicle with a rider seat or saddle.

Motor Vehicle: any motorized mode of transportation by which a person or property may be transported. The definition includes automobiles, mopeds, motorcycles, motor scooters, motorbikes, trucks, small carts, etc. Motorized wheel chairs are excluded.

No Parking Zone: any area or space not defined as a legal parking space. The areas may or may not be designated by signs or red markings. Vehicles must park ONLY in designated legal parking spaces.

Non-Pedestrian Device: a non-motorized mode of transportation, including bicycles, tricycles, unicycles, skateboards, roller skates, roller blades and equine animals.

Operator: any person who operates, rides, drives or has physical control of a motor vehicle or non-pedestrian device on campus.

Paid Lot: parking lot that requires valid paid parking permit.

Park/Parking: the placement or standing of a vehicle, with or without a driver in attendance and with or without the engine running.

Parking Control Device: any object, barricade, gate, cone, device or reserve parking sign used to prohibit or restrict access to certain parking areas.

Parking Permit: a polyethylene hangtag or window decal issued by CNM authorizing the bearer parking privileges in a designated area.

Registrant: a person who has registered a vehicle or vehicles with CNM and who has received a permit for the permit holder's vehicle(s).

Restricted Space: parking spaces or areas reserved for specific purposes at all times that include, but may not be limited to: parking for the disabled, parking spaces, loading/unloading areas, fire lanes, passenger pick-up zones, official parking spaces, no parking areas, etc.

Rider: any operator or passenger of a motor vehicle or non-pedestrian device.

Roller Skates/Roller Blades: in-tandem or in-line wheels attached to shoe-like devices worn on the feet for the purpose of movement by surface traction and leg motion.

Service Areas: parking areas designated for the use of CNM vehicles, utility company vehicles and/or contractors whose operators are providing services to the Institute College.

Special Event Parking: the blocking off or reserving all or portions of campus parking facilities for special events, as dictated by CNM needs.

Speed Limit: for the purpose of this policy, the speed limit on CNM property is 10 mph.

Stall Line: the surface striping used to designate a legal parking space. Stall lines take precedence over bumper blocks if the bumper blocks are not uniformly lined up.

Student: any person enrolled in any class at CNM.

Time Zone: any parking area regulated by a time restriction.

Vehicle: any and all motorized or non-pedestrian devices that are modes of transportation, including, but not limited to, cars, trucks, motorcycles, motorbikes, mopeds, bicycles, skateboards, roller skate devices, scooters, all-terrain vehicles, etc.

Vendor: any person coming to CNM to perform a service requested by an institutional organizational unit.

Visitor: any person other than CNM students, faculty or staff who visits the campus for the purpose of conducting legitimate business.

A PDF Version of these Policies is available.