High School Summer Test Prep

CNM and United Way of Central New Mexico have partnered to offer high school students and Spring 2019 high school graduates a great opportunity for summer learning. The High School Summer Test Prep program is designed to help current high school students improve their college testing scores, combat summer learning loss, and prepare to take college classes in the fall. The program accepts applications on a rolling basis beginning in April.

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About the High School Summer Test Prep Program

In the summer of 2016, CNM received a Community Impact Project grant from United Way of Central New Mexico to promote summer learning opportunities for high school students. The High School Summer Test Prep Program is designed to help high school students improve their Accuplacer* scores and prepare to take Dual Credit courses. Students receive intensive instruction in either Math or Reading/English as well as workshops on test taking strategies, time management, goal setting, and making a smooth transition into Dual Credit/college-level courses. These test prep classes would typically cost a high school student about $150, but the funding from United Way allows CNM to make these classes available to high school students free of charge for those who complete the program. 

*The Accuplacer is a college course placement exam which evaluates reading comprehension, English, and math skills.  The Accuplacer is free, untimed, and offered at any CNM campus Assessment Center.


In our first three years, students saw dramatic improvements in their Accuplacer scores and tremendous success in their fall classes as Dual Credit students. In addition to improving Accuplacer scores and increasing the number of course options available to students, benefits include:

  • Free* tuition, fees, and course materials for a 2-week long test prep course
    *Students pay a $10 course fee when they register, and will receive a refund for the full $10 amount when they successfully complete the program. Students are expected to attend every class and may be dropped for absences. Those who do not attend the final day will not receive the refund.
  • Small class sizes (15 students per class)
  • Free workshops and seminars on skills needed to be successful in college
  • Individual academic and career goal coaching
  • Individual assistance with course registration at the end of the program

Course Offerings

There will be math and English courses offered in June at CNM’s Main, South Valley, and Rio Rancho campuses.  On the application you will be able to indicate your first and second choices.

June 3–13, Monday–Thursday

English: 8:30–12:00 at Main Campus

English: 1:00–4:30 at Main Campus

English: 8:30–12:00 at South Valley Campus

Math: 8:30–12:00 at Main Campus

Math: 1:00–4:30 at Main Campus

Math: 8:30–12:00 at South Valley Campus

Math: 8:30–12:00 at Rio Rancho Campus

June 17–27, Monday–Thursday

English: 8:3012:00 at Main Campus

English: 1:004:30 at Main Campus

English: 1:004:30 at South Valley Campus

English:  8:3012:00 at Rio Rancho campus

Math: 8:3012:00 at Main Campus

Math: 1:004:30 at Main Campus

Math: 1:004:30 at South Valley Campus

Eligibility Requirements

A student must meet each requirement below in order to participate in the program. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  1. Have applied to CNM
    • Dual Credit application (10th, 11th and 12th grade)
    • Beginning Freshmen application (Spring 2019 high school graduates.)

Program Expectations

Once a student has successfully applied to the program, the following expectations must be met:

  1. Attend the first day of class. Students who do not attend on the first day will not be allowed to remain in the program and will not have their course fee refunded.
  2. Attend the final day of class. Students who do not attend the final day of the course will not be able to receive a successful grade and will not have their course fee refunded.
  3. Students may be dropped from the course by the instructor for absences and will not have their course fee refunded.
  4. Complete required meetings with assigned coach to discuss academic and career goals and plan for fall CNM courses.
  5. Participate in all instructor-assigned course activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the High School Test Prep program meet the high school “Dual Credit graduation requirement”?

No, the Test Prep courses are considered developmental level courses and do not count as “Dual Credit” toward the high school graduation requirement. The mission of the courses are to prepare students to successfully complete a class as a Dual Credit student in the fall that would meet the high school graduation requirement.

How much does the class cost?

This class would typically cost about $150 for the tuition, fees, and course materials.  Thanks to the United Way Community Impact Project grant, we are able to offer this program for a reduced fee of $10. The $10 course fee is refunded to students who successfully complete the program (see program expectations).

Will this class affect my future Financial Aid eligibility?

The High School Test Prep class is a 1 credit, developmental class. Students will earn a grade of “credit” or “no credit” (which does not impact GPA). The course will appear on a student’s college transcript and will count toward total college credits earned. Earning “credit” in this class and using it as a springboard to success in other college courses can have a positive impact on future Financial Aid eligibility.

What if my Accuplacer score doesn’t go up very much?

You will still be encouraged to take a CNM classes in the fall. CNM has several classes with no prerequisites that are available to students. Additionally, you will gain many other academic skills by participating in the test prep class: time management, study skills, test taking strategies, etc.  Your grade in the class is based on your participation and effort, not the size of your improvement.

Can I take more than one class?

Because of the accelerated nature of the course, students may only take one class at a time. 

I’m graduating from high school or completing my high school equivalency this spring.  Can I participate?

Yes! This program is available to Dual Credit students and Spring 2019 High School graduates.

How to Apply

  1. Apply to CNM
    1. Dual Credit application (10th, 11th and 12th grade)
    2. Beginning Freshmen application (Spring 2019 high school graduates.)
  2. Complete the online High School Summer Test Prep Program application. Applying does not guarantee entry to program. Seats will be filled on a first come, first served basis based on eligibility. If accepted, you will receive information about registering and paying for the class.
  3. Have recent (November 2018 or newer) Accuplacer scores on file (more about the Accuplacer).
  4. Complete the CNM Online Orientation.
  5. Submit a Dual Credit Student Parent Agreement form, if applicable.
  6. You will receive further instructions about how to register and pay the course fee after your application has been accepted and processed.