Steps to Becoming a Dual Credit Student

Become a CNM Dual Credit student and explore more than 100 certificate and degree programs.

Apply Online

Fill out the free online application. You will receive a student ID number at the end of the process.

Other Types of Students

Learn how to register for CNM if you are the following type of student:

Cost of Dual Credit

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors at any public, private or home school in the greater Albuquerque area can get a jump start on college by taking 1000-level and above classes at CNM — and tuition and registration fees are waived! *Dual Credit students only pay course fees & uniform costs (if required).

Get Started

Step #1: Apply and Get a CNM ID Number

You can get a CNM ID Number by applying online. Be sure to include your email address when prompted. If your CNM ID Number isn't published on completion of admitting, it will be emailed to you.

Step #2: Submit the Required Signature Page

Turn in the required parent signature page at any CNM Admissions Office within five business days after completing the admissions step. If you are 18 or over, you must still submit the form signing for yourself and indicating your age next to your signature. If a parent signature form is not on file you will be dropped from your classes.

Helpful Hint! Text or email your CNM ID Number to yourself so you won't forget it.

Before Registering

Step #3: Complete the CNM Online Orientation

Complete the new student orientation at Credit students must complete the online orientation. Once you've completed the online orientation, you will enter your CNM ID Number and date of birth to confirm. You must complete this step before you attempt to register! Failure to complete this step will result in a hold on your account.

Step #4: Create Your myCNM Student Account

Use the Student ID Number you received during Admissions to set-up your myCNM account. Your password is your 6-digit date of birth followed by 'atCNM' (MMDDYYatCNM). You will register for courses, view your grades, and communicate with your instructors in myCNM.

Helpful Hint! Text your username and password to yourself.
Helpful Hint! Check your myCNM email daily!

Step #5: Transfer Your ACT or SAT Scores to CNM.

Or take the Accuplacer test at any CNM Assessment Center. The Accuplacer is offered free of charge at any of CNM's five campuses. Remember to take your CNM student ID number and a picture ID. Check out a sample Accuplacer test to help improve your score and then take the Accuplacer assessment to test for college-level course placement, or submit official ACT or SAT scores to any CNM Admissions Office. Accuplacer testing takes approximately 1½ hours. Be sure to bring your CNM ID Number and a photo ID. And remember, you must test into 1000-level courses or higher. Helpful Hint! Take your time!! The higher your score, the more classes you test into!

Step #6: Meet with a Dual Credit Academic Coach & Find Your Course

Take your test scores and meet with a CNM Dual Credit Academic Coach or call (505) 224-3000 and press zero to leave a message for an Academic Coach.  A Dual Credit Academic Coach will look at your Accuplacer scores, discuss your goals and interests and help you select the best classes.

Register for Class

Step #7: Register for Classes

View the Registration Tutorial.

Register for classes online through your myCNM account. CNM's course catalog is an important resource when choosing courses. Dual Credit students can take classes at the 1000 level and higher (with the exception of fitness classes) for which prerequisites are met. Print your class schedule to ensure you have a zero payment balance. If you owe course or lab fees these are due within 24 hours of registering to ensure you are not dropped from classes. Returning students can register early. Check your myCNM account for your registration date and time.

Step #8: Get a CNM ID Card

Bring a copy of your schedule and a State ID card or Driver's License to the CNM ID Office to get your CNM ID card. If you don't have one of the above, bring a copy of your schedule and a high school ID. Students without a State ID or Driver's License may need to have their enrollment confirmed. ID cards must be with you when you're on campus.

Step #9: Textbooks

NEW LOCATION! APS students pick up required textbooks from the Textbook Center for Dual Credit Students location: 912 Oak Street SE Building M-Room 142, Albuquerque, NM 87108 (near the CNM Main Campus). Phone (505) 848-8897 for current hours. Students are strongly advised to call ahead to make sure books are ready for pick up. Read more information.

Charter school and all other school district students must print a copy of your schedule from your myCNM account. Bring your printed schedule and textbook charge form (pick up the charge form from your high school counselor) to a CNM Bookstore to pick up required textbooks.

Private school students check with your counselor as your school may pay for your textbooks.

Home-schooled students are responsible for the cost of textbooks.

Remember: your high school must approve your registration. Your high school will receive information about the course(s) you've registered for. If your school doesn't approve the course(s), they will be dropped from your schedule.

Step #10: Locate Your Classes

Visit to locate the campus and building where your class(es) will be held.