Outreach Services and School Relations

The Outreach Services and School Relations Office works in the community to engage potential students by promoting the college’s certificate and associate degree programs.

Outreach Services

  • Works with high school seniors to get them through the application process and prepared to start classes
  • Provides classroom presentations on college programs and career options
  • Attends high school parent nights to inform parents and students on college programs and options
  • Makes presentations at the Veterans Medical Center to inform veterans of college and career choices
  • Attends company benefits fairs to engage employees on certificate and associate degree options at CNM
  • Attends community fairs and events to promote higher education

School Relations

  • Oversees the Dual Credit programs, which allows high school students to take college classes while still in high school
  • Manages the Making Money Work program, which is a financial literacy program that teaches high school students about finances as well as how to set financial goals and meet them

New Student Orientation