Social Media Content

Below, you will find guidelines to help us generate social media content that is interesting, engaging, and timely.

Consider This Scenario

You are driving on the highway and you see a billboard. You drive past it and won’t see it again unless you drive by that same stretch. If the message was simple and clear, you will remember it. But if that message was long, complex, or confusing, you likely won't remember it.

In the same way, social media posts thrive on a direct message and an attractive image to entice the user to look more closely and pay attention. Otherwise, a person will keep scrolling by.

Creating Social Media Content

Send Your Ideas to Us

For planned content to generate interest such as

  • an event
  • deadline
  • announcement

a healthy lead-time helps us balance our content post queue.

Send your ideas to us at

Photo Submissions

Social media platforms are designed for horizontal- or landscape-oriented photos. Therefore, we recommend that photos submitted for social media only be in a horizontal orientation.

Also Please Consider

  1. Content is scheduled two weeks in advance, and is subject to change without notice in order to balance the amount and type of content due to the fluid nature of social media.
  2. Some requests may not get published on CNM social media channels, but everyone is encouraged to share content on the carious CNM Facebook Groups that are available.
  3. Content is queued in such a way as to maximize the coverage of the other digital platforms that CNM communicates through, such as newsletters, digital screens, and print media.

If you have a great item to share on our social media channels, we encourage you to reach out  to our social media team for help and advice as soon as possible! We can quickly get your great ideas queued up on our social media platforms if you can provide content in an easily digestible way for a fast-paced audience.

Here are some best practices for content generation, photography, and topics we typically share on social media.

Plan Ahead

For an effective post, please plan ahead. If you are aiming for an audience on a certain date, the earlier the better. If you plan to distribute flyers or asking to add an item to Newslink or Suncat Times, send in your request for social media at around the same time.

Brainstorm Your Idea

Get your idea to paper. The more information you can provide us, the better we can draw out that information into a format for social media. By providing context, we can help craft a message for your audience to understand what to expect with an announcement or event. We may not use all of it on social media, but it is important because some social media channels and purposes may need more or less depending on the platform.

Follow the Five Ws

Does your social media idea answer the following?

  • Who?
  • What?
  • Where?
  • When?
  • Why? (as appropriate)

Consider Your Audiences

It is important to consider who you are talking to. CNM's audience base fall into the following categories:

  • new and returning students
  • community members
  • non-profit groups
  • local businesses
  • government organizations

Channels and Followers

Each social media presence has different audiences. We want to make sure that you have content that is flexible for the correct channel or channels.

  • Facebook
    Facebook offers a variety of sub-channels to communicate with the community. Sub-channels include Pages, Groups, Messenger, Stories, Events. It has the most audience members connected with approximately 21,800 followers.

  • Twitter
    Twitter posts are similar to what goes on Facebook and Instagram but it will be shorter and cut down to fit the 280 character limitation. A lot of engagement happens on Twitter between professionals and businesses located in New Mexico. Typical posts on the main channel are meant to promote the CNM brand. Twitter has the most engaged audience members with approximately 4,500 followers.

  • Instagram
    Instagram's main function is its feed of high quality photos. Sometimes these photos can be used on Facebook and Twitter. Typical posts are meant to promote the CNM brand through storytelling elements. Instagram has the most visual type audience members with approximately 1,400 followers.

  • LinkedIn
    LinkedIn content is geared toward professional postings, leadership content, and job openings. It has the most professional audience members with approximately 21,500 followers.

  • Yammer
    Yammer has the most faculty and staff members, and is used mostly for internal communication.

  • YouTube
    CNM has a YouTube channel where all videos have been created by Media Production Services. It has approximately 2,300 followers.

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