Web Style Guide


CNM uses the Plone Content Management System to publish content to its public facing websites.

Voice and Tone

Students, faculty, and staff come to the CNM website to complete tasks and find answers to questions. We want to make their visit as quick and efficient as possible, which means content on needs to be easy to find and understand.

Writing for the Web

Creating effective web content will help visitors find and understand information on your website.

Titles, Summaries, and Headings

The title field, description field, and headings work together to create an overview of the information contained in a page.


Hyperlinks should be easy to understand when read out of context.

FAQ Pages

If you write content that focuses on your audience needs, you won’t need to create FAQs.


Compelling and effective testimonials are meant to build trust between CNM and students, but they can be very hard to implement effectively on a site like


We want to make sure all users have access to content that is published on