Guides and Templates

Marketing provides comprehensive style guides regarding web content, graphics, and accessibility.

Web Style Guide

The CNM Web Style Guide provides contributors to with guidelines for creating content. All approved website contributors are expected to understand and apply the practices contained within the guide.

Training is held regularly for employees interested in maintaining content on the CNM website. Employees must attend training and obtain approval from the Web Strategy team in order to contribute and post content to

Other Resources

For printed materials and news releases, CNM adheres to The Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual.

For Website Standards, contributors can reference Associated Press Stylebook and The Elements of Style for principles of composition, rules on usage, capitalization, and punctuation.

For more clarification:

Contact MCO

The guide is organized into the following sections:

Graphics Standards

This Graphics Standards Guide has been developed as a resource for anyone who creates or implements communication materials on behalf of CNM.

The standards are organized into the following sections:

Official Name

The official name is Central New Mexico Community College, which should be used on first reference to the college in all publications and other documents intended for outside audiences.

The name may be shortened to CNM on second reference or when addressing audiences who will know what the letters stand for (e.g. faculty/staff, alumni, students, community members, etc.) It is also acceptable to refer to the College (the ‘C’ is capitalized) on second reference. Please do not refer to the College as CNMCC or abbreviate any part of the name.

Never Use

  • CNM Community College
  • CNM C.C.
  • Central New Mexico
  • Central New Mexico C.C.