Official Fonts

Although thousands of typefaces, or fonts, are available to employees who produce written

and online materials at CNM, not all are suitable for use in publications.

The use of novelty and script fonts is discouraged in most instances because they are

difficult to read.

CNM’s official fonts for use in publications are:

  • Mission Gothic Bold or Black (headlines and sub-heads)
  • Mission Gothic Regular or light (body copy)
  • Sanchez Semibold (headlines and sub-heads)
  • Sanchez Regular (body copy)

If the CNM’s official fonts are not available to use, please use:

  • Arial (headlines, headers)
  • Garamond (body copy)
  • Myriad Roman (headlines, headers)
  • Times (body copy)
  • Times New Roman (body copy)

Contact the Marketing and Communications Office for suggestions or clarifications

regarding usage of specific fonts.