Official CNM Website

Official CNM Website

CNM provides a series of resources such as colors and page layouts optimized for displaying content on the web. Web pages on are to adhere to the following standards.

Use of Standard Design Templates utilizes a content management system (CMS) called Plone. All content is displayed using design templates managed by this system.

Any styles manually added to the HTML for a webpage will be stripped out by the CMS. If you believe additional styles need to be incorporated into the standard sitewide templates, contact the Web Content team with your request and justification.

Use of Colors

CNM’s official colors are listed on page 9. The background color of all pages is white as defined by the CMS templates. Hyperlinks on are represented using “CNM blue”: Hex #004890. These colors are incorporated in the design template for

Website Access and Training

CMS how-to guides are available in documentation. Workshop training is held regularly for employees interested in maintaining content on the CNM website. Employees must attend training and obtain approval from the Web Content team in order to contribute and post content to These workshops are also available for contributors wanting refreshers. Let us know you’re interested in training we’ll contact you when the next workshop is available.

Use of Logos on Website

CNM logos are provided by the Marketing and Communications Office. The CNM logo may not be modified in any way. If you feel you need a custom logo, please contact MCO.

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