Marketing Collateral


CNM signage must bear the official full-color logo. Temporary and permanent signage to be used at CNM functions — indoor and outdoor, public and private — must adhere to this guideline. Signage includes, but is not limited to, banners, room identifiers and roadside signs and must have MCO approval prior to production.


All CNM campuses use a standard letterhead, which is ordered through Shipping and Receiving.


Envelopes matching the letterhead are available. Also available are window envelopes in two sizes, business reply envelopes and envelopes with the CNM postage box. All have the CNM return address.

Business Cards

All CNM employee business cards are ordered through the Marketing and Communications Office. A standard format applies. Telephone numbers that are not fax, TTY or cell will be identified by a P. Fax numbers, by an F. Secondary contact numbers (cell phones for instance) by a C. TTY will denote TTY numbers. Only the CNM website,, may be printed on the card. E-mail addresses must be CNM addresses unless otherwise approved by MCO. Only the Main Campus address will be printed on the card. Employees are allowed two lines for their title and two for their school or department. Schools/departments must supply a cost account number. Please visit cnm/edu/depts/mco/cnm-business-cards to fill out the on-line Business card order form for CNM employees.


CNM has official notecards available through Shipping and Receiving. Notecards may not be customized. Please call ext. 4667 to place an order or for additional information. Certificates Certificate shells, or forms, may be customized. Quantities may be ordered through the Marketing and Communications Office at the department’s cost.

Program/Department Brochures

The Marketing and Communications Office will produce brochures for departments or each program within schools based on a consistent template. The template may not be altered in any way.

Program/Department Posters/flyers

The Marketing and Communications Office will produce poster/flyers for departments or each program or events. Each can have its own theme however the CNM official logo must be present.

Specialty Items

Any giveaway items bearing the CNM logo — pens, pencils, pins, etc. — are subject to the same usage standards as printed publications. All specialty items that reference CNM must be approved by the Marketing and Communications Office prior to production.

Uniforms and Official Apparel

Official CNM uniforms and apparel, such as polo shirts, are subject to the same usage standards as printed publications. If a vendor is unable to stitch a departmental identifier on one line, exceptions may be granted through Marketing and Communications Office.