Dial Plan Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening?

There will be some changes coming to the CNM phone system in the next few months and those changes may impact you. The CNM Phone Team, which is planning and overseeing the implementation of this project, has put together the following information about the changes and what they might mean to you.

Due to the growth of the College (new buildings, campuses, and the size of the employee base), changes have resulted in a significant decrease in the pool of available DID (direct inward dialing) phone numbers. CNM has chosen to change the phone systems dial plan to accommodate for future expansion College-wide.

After the changes are implemented, there will be three types of phone extensions in service at CNM. The appropriate type of phone extension will be assigned to employee, positions or departments depending on the needs of the position or department.

Dial Plan solution and what does it mean to me

The solution is to reduce the number of employees who have DID numbers.  We will also move all employees to a five-digit Personal internal extension.

We are assigning internal personal extensions to all employees and new function/position - numbers to departments as needed. This implementation will occur over the next few months and will be scheduled individually with each department.

  • All staff employee personal extensions will be in the format “5-xxxx”. This is the extension that will be activated on your desk phone. Your voice mail will also be mapped to this extension and forward to your email account.
  • Positions or department functions that require DID numbers will have those direct dial numbers mapped to the same employee desk phone.  For example, most department directors will keep their current DID number (like 224-1234) while also having a personal extension (like 56789) added to their line.  So they could be reached in several ways:
    • From outside CNM -
      • 224-1234 (the old DID number)
      • 224-4000 x56789 (dialing the main CNM number and giving the Personal extension)
    • From inside CNM -
      • 4-1234 (dialing the short version of the DID)
      • 5-6789 (dialing only the new Personal number)
  • Most staff employees will only have the Personal extension available – unless their position or department function requires that they have a published DID number for easy access from outside CNM.  They will be able to be reached in two ways:
    • From outside CNM – 224-4000 x56789 (dialing the main CNM number and giving the Personal extension)
    • From inside CNM – 5-6789 (dialing the new Personal number)

All Faculty are already transitioned to the new dial plan and will not be issued another extension.

What if someone calls my old number after it is changed?

    Calls to the DID numbers that are disconnected from their current users will be re-directed to an announcement explaining that the person that you are trying to reach their number has changed. The call will then be routed to the SSC Contact center (operator services).  A Contact Center agent will provide the correct new extension to the caller and forward the call to that number.

    Three different types of phone extensions and their capabilities

      Personal Extensions –This extension will be assigned to each employee when they begin work at CNM. This extension will follow the employee regardless of the position they occupy at the college, similar to an email address. By default, the personal extension is where voicemail is delivered and forwarded to the personal email account.

      • People calling from outside the college will be able to dial 224-4000 and then enter the five-digit extension to reach an employee assigned to that “Personal Extension.”
      • From inside CNM, the employee would be reached by dialing simply the five digit extension.
      • Please note, even if an employee does not have a phone as part of their work duties, the employee will still have a personal extension assigned, much like all employees have email addresses even if not assigned a computer.

      Position Extensions – These extensions are associated with a specific position at the college – Buyer, Dean, Director, Vice President, etc. – rather than an individual who might change positions.

      • This type of extension may be dialed directly from outside the college as a 224-XXXX number. These extensions will remain connected to a designated position. Example: If a Dean moves into a different position at the college, the “Dean Position Extension” will remain in place for the next Dean selected.
      • Only some positions at the college will be assigned Position Extensions.

      Function Extensions – These extensions perform a specific function only and are not associated with any individuals. Example: Phones in classrooms, labs or general use phones in faculty areas. This type of extension may be dialed directly from outside the college as a 224-XXXX number and these extensions will be permanently assigned to the function.

      When is it going to happen?

        There are two pilot departments (ITS and MCO) scheduled to start the dial plan cut over during the week of March 4, 2013.  The targeted project completion date for all departments is August 25, 2013. The employee extension and voicemail account will be cut over one at a time. The extensions will be changed with a minimal interruption in service. Each department will be scheduled and a cut over date will be communicated.  Each department’s dial plan will be planned to ensure that Position and Function extensions are provided where necessary.

        Will Department Auto Attendants and menu options change?

          CNM’s department auto attendants will not change with the new dial plan.  An auto attendant is a menu driven system which allows callers to select options to hear announcements, be automatically transferred to an extensions or a services without the intervention of an operator/receptionist.

          What extension do I use and communicate out to my customers?

            The answer is your new Personal extension. Your new extension will have the same features and functionality that was programmed on your old extension. Some features are: Voicemail, Bridged calls Appearance, Busy Indicators, Call pick up buttons, Abbreviated dial buttons and Call Center features.

            How does someone reach me at my new extension?

            There are two ways to reach an employee with their Personal extension.

            • People calling from outside the college will be able to dial 224-4000 and then enter the five-digit Personal extension to reach an employee.
            • From inside CNM, a Personal extension would be reached by dialing only the five-digit extension.
            • Please note, even if an employee does not have a phone as part of their work duties, the employee will still have a personal extension and a voicemail assigned.

            Do I have to do anything different to place a call on an Outside Line?

              No, to place a call outside of CNM you must still inset a “9” in front of the number you wish to dial.

              What about my voicemail?

                All current employees’ voicemail boxes will be renumbered to reflect your new personal extension. The voicemail passwords, recorded greetings and any stored messages will not be affected.

                • To access your voicemail account from your desk phone
                  • Dial 4-4801 and the messaging server should reply back by saying your name.   If your name is correct this means it is mapped correctly with you outlook email account.  It will then prompt you to enter your password.
                    • If it reply is incorrect with a different name please contact the ITS service desk at 4-4357 to get the issue corrected.
                • To access your voice mail from a phone off of CNM phone system
                  • Dial 224-4801 it will prompt you to select from some options
                    • First is the option to enter the number of the person you are calling (this is to leave a message for someone).
                    • Second is to press the [#] sign if you have a mail box on the system.
                      • Press [#] enter your new Personal extension then enter your password followed by the [#] sign.

                9-1-1 Emergency Calls

                All 911 Safety and Security services will remain unchanged.

                Campus Directories

                The two primary employee directories are the Web directory and Microsoft Outlook Global Address Book (GAL). The process of re-assigning new employee extension is also updating the employee directories.  The Web directory should show changes within the same hour, while the Microsoft Outlook Address Book may experience a delay due to the way Microsoft Outlook stores and updates information.

                Things to update with your new number

                How many places do you have your old extension printed or referenced in a recording? Here are some ideas where people have their numbers listed.

                • Websites, email signatures, automatic replies (out of office), letterheads, business cards, and personal greetings recorded in your voicemail. Please check to see if you have used your telephone number in any of the above and correct with your contact information.

                Some special extensions and phone numbers




                Employee Dial up Number


                (505) 224-4000

                Employee Extension


                (505) 224-4000



                (505) 224-4801

                ITS Service desk


                (505) 224-4357

                Operator Services


                 (505) 224-3000


                Need more information? Call ITS Services Desk at extension 44357.