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Poor Phishing at CNM

If you go phishing at CNM, you won't catch much.  ITS recently conducted a 'Phishing' test for all the faculty and staff at CNM. The test sent random emails that appeared to come from the IT department requesting information from the user or asking them to click on a link to correct some problem. Out of 3,184 emails sent, only 66 users fell for the scam and some of those were determined to be false positives. Of those 66, 48 were student employees indicating there is still work to be done with students to protect against fraud.  According to KnowBe4, the test administrator, these emails are moderately difficult to detect as fraudulent. Tests that include more difficult to detect emails may be included in future tests.

Email Sample
Your Mail box ( is almost full and you may not be able to receive incoming messages as a result of this. Kindly follow the link below to Activate your allocated space.

Users who fell for the scam were asked to complete two short trainings to help them identify fraudulent emails. These and other advanced training events are available to any faculty or staff member by request and will soon be incorporated into the CNM Talent Management learning system. According to KnowBe4, which has conducted these tests for over 6 million users across more than 10,000 companies, our users performed very well. CNM had less than a 2% response rate compared to an industry standard of 22.6%. CNM also improved performance from last year, when the response rate was over 8%. Although the ITS team has many layers of security defenses in place to protect users and the college from attempted fraud, it is our users who are the last line of defense against data loss, financial fraud and identity theft. We encourage all users to stay informed and on alert for crooks trying to steal information.

Student employee SAVES the day!

By Ken Cole, Director of Technical Infrastructure

ITS is very thankful to CNM student employee Jason Vonloh for pulling cables that restored data connections to the Student Services Center disrupted by the construction of the Joint Use Building.  Without the services, students were unable to complete registration and the Infrastructure team would not of been able to complete this work without him.

The construction of the Joint Use Building, adjacent to the Student Services Center, requires relocation of data cables used for credit card and fax services in the Student Services building.   Cable relocation planning is in progress, but construction digging near the existing cables resulted in the loss of phone services to the SSC building.  An emergency replacement was needed to both restore services and allow construction to continue, but the problem occurred during flu season when regular staff were unavailable to do the work.  Without hesitation, Jason volunteered to jump in and assist the team with completing this challenging task.  Jason is a valuable resource to CNM.  We are very appreciative of the work of all of our student employees and thank Jason for his timely efforts.