Information Security and Compliance

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About Us

The Information Security Team administers and executes CNM’s information security program.  We provide policies and procedures, also known as administrative controls, as well as technical controls and security operations.  We are responsible for assisting the CNM Community in the protection of our valuable information assets.

Security Services

Cyber Security Awareness

  • The CNM ITS Information Security Team would like to welcome you to our Cyber Security Awareness Information center.

Phishing Alarm

  • The ITS Information Security Team has deployed a new Phish Alarm button within our email system.


  • Information on requesting and accessing VPN.

Report an IT Security Issue

  • Experiencing some unusual behavior with your account or system?
    • Submit a request to the ITS Service Desk.
    • Provide a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing.
    • Add any screenshots or additional information if relevant.
    • Provide a computer tag # (if the issue is computer-related).