Setting Meetings in Outlook

Meetings can be set up in Outlook. This is a way to invite attendees and have the meeting or event be added to their calendar when they accept it. This is a convenient way to make appointments with others by making the arrangement yourself.

  1. Select Calendar.
  2. On the Actions menu, select Plan a Meeting.
  3. Select Add Others, and then select Add from Address Book.
  4. In the Type name or select from list box, enter the name of a person or resource you want at the meeting.
  5. For each name entered, select Required, Optional, or Resources. (The Required and Optional attendees appear in the To box on the Appointment tab, and Resources appear in the Location box. To get details on a conference room, select it in the Resources list, and then select Properties.) Select OK.
  6. Select a time when all invitees are available. You can use AutoPick Next to find the next available free time for all invitees.
  7. Select Make Meeting.
  8. In the Subject box, type a description.
  9. If you did not schedule a room, enter the location in the Location box.
  10. If you want to make the meeting recurring, select Recurrence, and then select the recurrence pattern.
  11. Select any other options you want.
  12. Select Send.