Employment and Pay Information (Full Time)

Terms and Conditions of Employment and Pay Information for Full Time Faculty Overload Assignments

General Provisions

Acknowledgment of faculty overload class assignment(s) and the following additional terms, conditions, and pay information constitutes an employment contract between faculty and CNM for the prescribed term as it pertains to overloads.

Overload assignments for full time faculty are governed by the Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA)

Class assignments will be null and void if the minimum number of students enrolled in order for the course(s) to make, is not met.

The acceptance of assignments is subject to the provisions of the Employee Handbook, as revised at any time. To the extent not specifically contrary to the provisions herein, the Employee Handbook is incorporated into this contract. To the extent any provision in this contract is specifically contrary to the provision of the collective bargaining agreement, the CNM Full Time Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement will govern.

Pay & Benefits

  • Effective with Fall Semester 2018, overload pay will be calculated based on credit hour.
  • The value per credit hour varies depending on the method of instruction.
  • Office hours will still be required, if applicable.
  • The credit hour rates for overloads are:
    1. Lecture courses: $670 per credit hour;
    2. Labs: 2,010 per credit hour; (includes all laboratory, practicum, cooperative/internship/externship, field experience, clinical, and clinical intensive coursework);
    3. Studios: $1,000 per credit hour.
  • No leave is earned for working an overload but earned leave can be used while working overloads.
  • When a full time faculty member is absent from a scheduled class assignment and leave has not been approved, pay will be docked accordingly.

Acknowledgement Statement

Acknowledging Course Assignments indicates that faculty understands and accepts the terms, conditions, and pay information contained herein and that faculty overload assignment(s) and the overload assignment(s) data is accurate. To avoid any errors regarding pay or overload assignment(s), faculty needs to respond with acknowledgement within one week.