Foundation Scholarships

CNM Foundation Scholarships

Need Help?

If you have any questions about making a gift to the CNM Foundation, we will be pleased to assist you. Please call us at (505) 224-4685.

The CNM Foundation is committed to the principle that no student should be denied the opportunity for an education due solely to a lack of financial resources. Yet, CNM has a higher percentage of students with financial need than any other New Mexico colleges. Although the college receives federal and state financial assistance, these funds do not meet the vast need among CNM students, many of whom are trying to improve their lives through higher education while balancing the cost of an education with living necessities such as shelter, food and clothing.

Endowed Scholarships

If you’d like to create a lasting legacy with the CNM Foundation, consider a named scholarship endowment, which allows you to determine the endowment's name and criteria and provides everlasting support for CNM students. Donors of named scholarship endowments provide a minimum contribution of $20,000 payable over five years.  

See the current list of CNM Foundation Endowed Scholarships and Program Support here.

Support an Existing CNM Scholarship

You may also make a gift of any amount to an established CNM Foundation scholarship that supports student success. Donations of any size may be contributed to funds still seeking full endowment.

  • Arts and Science Programs Scholarship Endowment – awarded to enrolled students who will transfer onto four-year institutions.
  • Career and Technical Programs Scholarship Endowment – awarded to students in career and technical programs.
  • Adult and General Education Programs Scholarship Endowment – awarded to students at CNM working to take the GED exam or who have recently completed their GED and are beginning their college education.
  • CNM Presidential Scholarship Endowment – awarded to exceptional Dual Credit students who select CNM as their gateway into higher education.
  • Faculty Development Endowment – provides faculty professional development opportunities to maintain a high quality and dedicated faculty base at CNM.
  • The Rust Opportunity Assistance Scholarship Endowment – Established by Jack and Donna Rust in 2005, this scholarship helps students meet unforeseen personal difficulties that impose financial problems, such as helping to pay for childcare or vehicle repair to prevent a student from dropping out of school. With this type of non-traditional scholarship assistance, our students are more likely to achieve their educational goals.
  • The CNM Annual Fund – The CNM Annual Fund provides "dollars where they are needed most." Whether through direct support of students, faculty development or program support, these donations help the College meet its mission of pursuing a level of community college excellence that is worthy of local and national recognition.
  • The Milestone Scholarship Fund – These performance-based scholarships are a new and innovative type of financial aid in post-secondary education. The approach is simple – give students a concrete incentive to excel while in school and they will achieve higher educational outcomes. Donations to the fund reward academic persistence by supporting students who make a commitment to their education, utilize the services of CNM Connect and maintain their GPA level.