Online Giving

The CNM Foundation works with the Community and the College to benefit students and the institution in many different ways.

Sharing Opportunities

The Foundation offers a range of giving opportunities to assist our benefactors in tailoring their generosity to maximize their satisfaction. Included here are some specific online giving opportunities.

Aaron Parker Lockwood Memorial Endowment

Donate to the Aaron Parker Lockwood Memorial Endowment

AAWCC – CNM Chapter Fund

The American Association of Women in Community Colleges – CNM Chapter Fund supports events as well as supporting campus and professional development.

Access to College Education

To provide scholarship assistance to CNM students who may be undocumented or have financial aid restrictions due to their immigration status.

Cleta Downey Memorial Fund

In honor of the CNM Foundation's first Executive Director, this fund will provide scholarships to CNM students.

CNM Alumni Scholarship

This scholarship allows CNM Alumni or others to give back and support current students to achieve their goals.

CNM Annual Fund

The CNM Annual Fund provides "dollars where needed most." Whether through direct support of students, faculty development or program support, these donations help the College meet its mission of pursuing a level of community college excellence.

CNM Veteran's Christmas

The CNM Veteran's Christmas provides proceeds to benefit CNM Veteran students and their families.

Cy Stockhoff Memorial Fund

To honor the life of Cy Stockhoff, a dedicated faculty member at CNM, to provide support to Emergency Medical Services students.

Dolores and Ted Martinez Endowment

The Dolores and Ted Martinez Endowment at the CNM Foundation supports student scholarships for CNM students who have overcome personal hardships.

Ernest Garcia Emerging Artist Endowment

To honor the legacy of Ernest Garcia, a faculty member at CNM, through an annual Art Scholarship for outstanding students.

Fostering Education Endowment Scholarship

The Fostering Education Endowment Scholarship will be available to students transitioning out of the New Mexico foster care system and will provide financial and other assistance to these youth to defray the cost of their education and to encourage successful completion of a degree.

CNM Bond Campaign Fund

Donate to the CNM General Obligation Bond Fund Campaign.

Jacqueline Faculjak Memorial Scholarship

Donate to the Jacqueline Faculjak Memorial Scholarship

Judith Adina Simon Scholarship Endowment

Scholarship support for the Judith Adina Simon Endowment in memory of Ethan Simon.

Kathie and Peter Winograd Endowment

Scholarship support for CNM students.

Mark Armijo Memorial STEM Endowment

Scholarship support for student enrolled in a STEM program or Ignite Accelerator, Fuse Makerspace, Cyber Academy, Deep Dive Coding and Entrepreneurial Programs.

Mary and Bobby Matteucci Presidential Scholarship

The Mary and Bobby Matteucci Presidential Scholarship will provide a graduating high school senior dual credit student, who plans to attend CNM, with a $2,500 per year stipend for two years to pay for educational expenses.

Mildred McBroom Nursing Pinning Fund

The Milred McBroom Nursing Pinning Fund is a program fund available for students in the last level of the Nursing Program. This fund is utilized to provide support for pinning expenses.

Mise En Place Scholarship Endowment

Donations to the fund will support enrolled in the Culinary Arts program.

Milestone Scholarship

Donations to the fund will support students who make a commitment to their education, use the services of CNM Connect, and maintain their GPA level.

Pauline Armijo Memorial Endowment

This endowment provides scholarships and opportunities to non-traditional women students going into the field of education.

Rust Opportunity Assistance Fund

This scholarship helps students meet unforeseen personal difficulties that impose financial problems and prevents a student from dropping out. With this type of scholarship assistance, our students are more likely to achieve their educational goals.

Step Up for CNM

Join Central New Mexico Community College in stepping up and helping lead our beloved community to a better future. Read more about Step Up for CNM.

Student Employee Appreciation Recognition (SEAR) Fund

The SEAR Fund helps to support the annual Student Employee Appreciation Week luncheon. This event is an opportunity for supervisors to thank student employees for their service and time.

Veteran Book and Tool Scholarship

Scholarship assistance to provide additional assistance recipients of the Kyla and Roger Thompson Veterans Scholarship who need financial assistance to purchase books and tools for their courses.

The Winogratitude Fund

The Winogratitude Fund supports critical areas, such as the Milestone Success Scholarship, Making Money Work Program and Alumni Engagement.

Other Giving Opportunities

Use this option to make a donation to a cause not listed above. Please indicate in the "Description" box provided in payment screen where you would like your donation to be applied. If you are unsure where to designate your funds please contact the CNM Foundation Office at (505) 224-4685.