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Leading the Way Campaign Prize Winners 

  • Week 1 – Clifton Pierce, Operations – Winner of a pack of 4 tickets to the UNM Football Homecoming Game
  • Week 2 – Sue Buffington, Ingenuity – Winner of a gift card to Betty’s Bath and Day Spa
  • Week 3 – Albert Longobardi, Security & Safety – Winner of a pack of 4 tickets to a UNM’s Basketball Game – UNM vs. Rice University on December 19th
  • Week 4 Arthur Maestas, Operations – Winner of CNM Swag Bag with surprise gift card.
  • Week 5 – Lidia Muniz, CNM Connect – Winner of Two Tram Tickets and One Peak Plus discount card for Ski Santa Fe and Sandia Peak Ski Area.  
  • Week 6 – Winner to be announced - Two Tram Tickets and One Peak Plus discount card for Ski Santa Fe and Sandia Peak Ski Area.

Sue Buffington
Lidia Muniz LTW Winner

Sue Buffington and Lidia Muniz.

"It's a choice I like to make."

Teresa Valverde - Giving Consecutively for 13 Years

Teresa Valverde

Reflecting back to her first job as a bank teller, Teresa remembers the first time she donated to United Way. She choose her designation to go to the Make a Wish Foundation. The passion in her heart to help others while allowing to help her feel powerful on issues she felt strongly allowed her to choose Make a Wish to be the recipient of her first philanthropic donation.

Moving forward, Teresa came to CNM with great intention to help change the lives of students at then TVI. Working at CNM, she wanted to feel a connection to the organization while helping students achieve their dreams, with that in mind, she was introduced to the CNM Foundation. She was able to make that connection while helping those who need it by donating to the Foundation.

Teresa is one example of CNM's mission for Changing Lives, Building Community. Today, her philanthropic outreach continues even with her recent retirement. She continues to give "reward" to those who make a difference in the lives of others. Contributions to help others succeed in life and education allows Teresa to feel powerful and hopes it inspires others to do the same. Here dreams for CNM students is to graduate, gain knowledge and be proud of where they came from in hopes of these students pay it forward. "I want to feel I had a small part in changing a person's life related to education."

Thank you Teresa, you are inspiration to employee philanthropy and we appreciate the time and service you gave to our students, our employees… our community.

"If everyone could give a little bit, we will allow others to live a fulfilling life."

Susan Lederle - Give Consecutively for 15 Years

Susan Lederle LTW

Finding inspiration from her mother, Susan began volunteering as a candy striper at St. Joseph's Hospital. She credits her days of being a candy striper for her need for philanthropic duty and expresses it through the 15 years she has been contributing to the CNM Foundation. After working part time for six months, she was offered full time employment and wanted to give back with the feel it was the right thing to do. Additionally, the need to give back came when she was asked to be part of a review board for United Way of Central New Mexico as part of their Community Fund awarding.

Approaching 24 years of employment with the Business Office, Susan believes helping our students through scholarships and programs with support to their funds, lives can be changed and allow everyone to be successful in all that they do, "if everyone could give back, just a little, especially to students, it will allow others to live a fulfilling life."

Thank You Susan, your support and time helping others are greatly valued and it is a privilege to have you as a continued supporter.

"The generosity of strangers is what taught me not only how to give but why I should…"

Carol S. Perez – Giving Consecutively for 14 Years

Carol S. Perez

Seeing the need students have to pursue a productive career here at CNM, Carol was introduced to CNM's employee giving campaign to allow her a chance to not only give back to the community
but help student succeed. Being an alum of CNM, her experience with the expenses of books, tuition and additional fees most students are unaware of, aided her decision to one day help these students out. Carol's contribution focuses on the notable Rust Opportunity Scholarship. This scholarship helps students with unforeseen circumstances and get them out of a bind.

Carol's first experience with philanthropy was not giving but in having received support of a helping hands agency. United Way helped her and her family in the past and giving back is a humbling and rewarding experience.

She encourages many employees to support the Foundation to help Lead the Way making sure they know 100% of their support aids students in any and every way.

Carol's aspirations for the community through her donations not only to CNM but to other community entities help others achieve their dreams. Her hope is that the time she has dedicated to teaching children and young adults in the community and mentoring student employees help lead the way to achieving their educational and career dreams here at CNM.

Thank you Carol for your time, commitment and generosity. We appreciate all you do for the Foundation.

"I want to provide a selfless act and give and teach students for a better tomorrow."

Victoria Maestas – Giving Consecutively for 10 years

Victoria Maestas

Upon graduating what was then TVI, Victoria set out to put her education to work in 1979 working in the Electronics industry. After working in the industry for 12 years, she came back to TVI/CNM to earn her Machining Certificate in 1991 then set out into the world to work in the field based on the education she recently received in machining

Victoria's philanthropic outreach came to her in 1976 when Joe Powdrell of Powdrell's BBQ influenced and encouraged her to work with him helping kids and teens at the San Felipe Youth Group. She was hired as a Roving Leader and helps the youth by providing words of encouragement and by having recreation time to help them stay off the streets and out of trouble.. After a few years of work, she once again came back to CNM, not only as a two time alum but as an employee to give back to the students all the knowledge she gained in the workforce. As an alum, she utilized CNM's Job Connection Services to obtain a career in her field of study.

Victoria recollects on her time with the youth group and has since felt the urge to give back. In her return to CNM, she was inspired to become an employee supporter after seeing one of her colleagues and mentors, Joe Black, in a CNM Foundation newsletter highlighting the CNM Foundation Donor Appreciation Dinner. She immediately contacted the Foundation to see how she can become a donor and has since been giving consecutively for 10 years. Victoria is not a loyal contributor providing support to the CNM Foundation for scholarships for our students, but she credits her role as an instructional technician with Applied Technologies as part of her philanthropic duty. Victoria wants to continue to perform a selfless act and teach students about the traits within Applied Technologies.

Thank You Victoria, we have greatly benefited from your belief in helping others succeed.

"Where much is given, much is expected. It is a joy and a privilege."

Gail Grosso – Giving Consecutively for 12 years

Gail Grosso

Gail's love of teaching brought her to CNM/TVI over 25 years ago. Teaching in the school of Communications, Humanities and Social Sciences, Gail has been giving consecutively for twelve years to several CNM programs and scholarships.

Thirteen years ago, she became full time faculty and wanted to give back to CNM for the opportunity she was given. She values the scholarships offered by the Foundation as a critical asset for students to be aware of. Gail's support in scholarships, in turn, support students in a crucial way. Through the Rust Opportunity Scholarship her gifts are able to help students who have run into unforeseen circumstances and need the extra financial support to be able to have a successful career here at CNM.

Thank You Gail, we value your commitment to students here at CNM. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.