Student Activities, Clerical - SA-003

Job number:


Campus & Building:

Main Campus, Student Services Center Room 111

Work Hours:

10-20 hours a week


Nicole Romero

Contact information:

(505) 224-4000 x51755

For basic information about job duties, read the Student Employment Job Descriptions. You are responsible for reading and understanding the job description prior to applying.


Student Name:


Student Phone No.:






Have you, the student, been convicted of a felony? (Student initial) ____ Yes ____ No

Required items needed to apply for student employment position:

  • Print out of current class schedule (Minimum of 6 financial aid eligible credits).
  • Award letter or award printout with student employment award (myCNM>financial aid tab>award).
  • Print out of this Job posting (print preview, print first page).
  • Completed student employment application.
  • 2 forms of Identification (Call Human Resources 224-4600 for a list of identification)

Note: For help verifying eligibility for student employment or required documents please visit the Financial Aid Office.


  • Call or drop off application package with supervisor.
  • Bring all required documents

If Hired:

  • Students must visit student employment office located at main campus Financial Aid; please reserve 1 hour for processing.
  • Students will then visit Human Resources, located in TM-104 located on main campus.

*For Official use only*For Official use only*For Official use only*For Official use only*For Official use only*

Supervisor Print and sign name: _______________________________________________

  • Signature indicates initiation of hire process.
  • Signature indicates acknowledgement of potential student employee’s felony status.