Suncat Scholars

Suncat Scholars is a comprehensive scholarship program for first time, full time freshman. This scholarship program accepts applications for students beginning college in the Fall 2020 semester.

Contact Us

Program Coordinator
Doreen Huerta
(505) 224-5476

Mailing Address
CNM Student Services Center 
CNM Connect
525 Buena Vista Dr. SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

About Suncat Scholars

Starting in fall 2014, CNM launched a new comprehensive scholarship program for first time, full time freshman. Suncat Scholars is designed to help associate-degree seeking students earn their degrees as quickly as possible, with a goal of graduating within two years. Suncat Scholars aims to do this by providing social, academic, and financial supports.


College students juggle numerous responsibilities. The Suncat Scholar team exists to support students with various things so they can graduate within two years. Benefits include:

  • Up to $400 in assistance with required textbooks each term.
  • Support with tuition and fees up to a specific dollar amount based on gap between financial aid award and tuition costs.
  • Up to a $300 performance payment at the end of each term as long as all program requirements are met for that term.
  • A dedicated Suncat Specialist to guide the throughout the tenure of the program. 
  • Priority registration: ability to register before all other CNM students; giving the first choice of class times.
  • Belong to an exclusive CNM community, the Suncat Scholar Group!

Eligibility Requirements

A student must meet every requirement listed below in order to qualify for the scholarship. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  1. File a free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) that must be received by CNM - Students without a Social Security Number are eligible without a FAFSA and will be identified by CNM Admissions.
  2. Qualify for New Mexico resident tuition.
  3. For the Fall 2020 semester, be a first-time college student. Applicant must not have attended any college courses previously Summer 2020, unless it was as a Dual Credit student, High School or GED (only courses taken towards GED). 
  4. Commit to a full-time schedule consecutively for Fall, Spring, and Summer terms for a duration of two years (Fall 2020 - Summer 2022).
  5. Be placed into college level courses or a maximum of two courses below the 1000 level. If you place into courses below the 1000 level, they can only be from the following list:
    - IRW 0980
    - or MATH 0980
    Course placement is determined by ACT, SAT, H.S. GPA or Accuplacer scores. 
  6. Be majoring in an approved degree program, including any Associate of Arts, Associate of Applied Science or Associate of Science degree, except coordinated entry programs. Certificate programs are also not eligible. 

Continuing Eligibility

The continuing eligibility requirements are designed to support student success and keep students on track. They require time and dedication on the part of the student each term.

  1. Register for and successfully complete 12 credit hours towards an approved major every term, including summer.
  2. Maintain a minimum completion rate of 66.67% and GPA of 2.5 each term and cumulatively.
  3. Complete required meetings with Suncat Scholar Specialists (three meetings a term).
  4. Attend office hours twice a term with every instructor (first year).
  5. Attend office hours once a term with every instructor (second year).
  6. Attend an in-person, non-credit Suncat Scholar workshops in the fall and spring terms.
  7. Take courses in a degree plan, created the Suncat Specialist.
  8. Participate in any other activities recommended by the Suncat Scholar specialist.

How to Apply

Deadline: Open until August 19, 2020 

  1. Apply to CNM.
  2. Complete all CNM admission requirements, including taking Accuplacer or sending ACT/SAT scores to CNM. Scores must be in CNM system for application to be considered.
  3. Complete the FAFSA using CNM’s school code 004742.
  4. Complete online Suncat Scholar Application. 
  5. Make sure all your information is complete an accurate before submitting your application.

Please be sure to check the contact information provided on your application for updates.