Scholarship Search

Here are some ways to look for scholarships.

Where to Look

Look Online

Take advantage of free online scholarship searches, some are listed below. Check the CNM website for a listing of available scholarships.

Search Your Community

Connect with your community to find organizations that offer scholarships. For example:

  • Organizations in your neighborhood
  • Organizations who provide awards based on self-identified characteristics (age, heritage, gender, orientation preference, cultural, ethnicity, etc.)
  • Your parents' employers
  • Talk to department faculty, achievement coaches, and your academic advisor. Professors and academic advisors may know about grant opportunities specific to your area of study. Ask them about private and corporate sponsorships for which you might qualify.

How to Prepare

Make a List

Focus on deadlines. List the scholarships with the earliest deadlines and give them first priority.

Obtain Financial Information

Most need-based scholarships require family income and tax forms to document financial need. Prepare these forms ahead of time to qualify for scholarships.

Follow the Directions Carefully

Before jumping right into your scholarship applications, read the rules and regulations. Double-check to make sure you qualify.

Free Searches

Caution: Legitimate scholarship information should be free of charge.