CNM Foundation Scholarships

The CNM Foundation offers additional scholarships that can help with school. These are great opportunities!

Below is a list of scholarships provided to students by CNM donors. To apply for these scholarships, please submit your myScholarship application. You will be considered for all scholarships you qualify for by submitting this one application. 

  • Based on your student file, you will be automatically matched with scholarships that are available.
  • Some may require additional information in which you will be notified to apply for that specific scholarship.
  • Scholarship committee will then review and consider all applicants and based on available funding will award you.
  • Check your CNM email for notifications on the status of your application.

Aaron Parker-Lockwood Scholarship Endowment

  • Enrolled part-time in the School of Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences

Access to College Education Scholarship

  • Enrolled in an associate degree or certificate program
  • Foreign born, low income college students who do not qualify for federal financial aid

ACF Construction Trades Scholarship

  • Enrolled in a CNM School of Applied Technology construction related Associate's program

Adelina Gonzales-Vigil Scholarship Endowment

  • Support nursing students with children

Adult and General Education Endowment Scholarship

  • Students who have recently completed their GED and are beginning their college education

AGC Scholarship Endowment in Honor of Robert J. Stamm

  • Students in the Construction Technology Degree program or the Construction Management Technology Degree program

Albuquerque Chapter of Construction Specifications Institute

  • Construction Management and Architectural/Engineering/Drafting Technology students

Alfred A. Abbott Scholarship

  • Nursing Program students who demonstrate financial need and academic achievement

Amey P. Sanchez Scholarship Endowment

  • Students enrolled in Architectural/Engineering Drafting Technology

Andrew G. Rausch/Car Crafters Scholarship

  • Enrolled in the CNM School of Applied Technology's Transportation (AAS) Automotive Technology Concentration program

Ann and Peter Ziegler Scholarship Endowment

  • Female Liberal Art students planning to transfer to a four year institution

Arts and Science Programs Endowment 

  • Be enrolled in Arts and Science programs such as Computer Information Systems, Accounting, Pre Management, Liberal Arts, General Studies, and Engineering

Aspire and Matteucci Dual Credit Presidential Scholarships

  • Recent high school graduates who completed at least 6 credits while in high school as a CNM Dual Credit student with a 3.0 GPA or better

Audrey A. Martinez and Paul A. Getz Scholarship Endowment

  • Students nearing completion of their certificate or associate degree program
  • Must be experiencing unexpected financial need

Barbara Silva Book and Tool Scholarship

  • Students enrolled full time in a vocational/technical program with a 3.0 or higher GPA

Bosomworth Workforce Training Center Scholarship Endowment

  • Students enrolled in the CNM Workforce Training Center

Bueno Foods Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • Enrolled in a Certificate or Associate Degree program
  • Priority will be given to current Bueno Foods employees and/or direct dependents of Bueno Foods employees

Career and Technical Endowment Scholarship

  • Assist students enrolled in a Career and Technical associates degree or certificate degree program

Carl & Linda Alongi Scholarship Endowment

  • Students enrolled in the Accounting Program

Carrie G. Lund Memorial Organ Donation Scholarship

  • Students enrolled in the CNM Nursing Program

Century Sign Builders

  • Enrolled in one of the following degree program areas: Project Management, Digital Media or Architectural/Engineering Drafting Technology
  • Preference to students who would like an opportunity for an internship with Century Sign Builders

Chef Phil Beltran Scholarship

  • Registered in at least 9 credit hours in CULN courses

Cleta Downey Memorial Scholarship Endowment

  • Enrolled in any CNM associate or certificate degree program
  • Not be financial aid eligible

CNM Alumni Scholarship Endowment

CNM Explora Intern Scholarship

  • Declared a STEM field or an education major at CNM

CNM Minority Scholarship Endowment

  • Minority students
  • 3.0 GPA

CNM Presidential Scholarship Endowment

  • Assist students who are recent dual credit high school graduates who are attending CNM

Credit Professionals Business Information Technology

  • Graduate from New Mexico High School
  • Enrolled in a Business field

CSI Construction Specification Institute Scholarship

  • Student in Construction Technology or Architectural Engineering Drafting Technology

Culinary Arts Scholarship Endowment

  • Students enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program

Cy T. Stockhoff Memorial Scholarship Endowment

  • Enrolled in the Emergency Medical Services program
  • Assists EMS students by paying a portion of their licensure exams

Daniels Fund Boundless Opportunity Scholarship

  • Students in one of the following:
    • Adults entering or returning to college - 25 or older
    • GED recipient
    • Pursuing Early Childhood Education (ECE) certification

Daniel Joe Lyle Memorial Scholarship

  • Assist students enrolled in the Nursing program or Nursing support programs (such as LNA or related field)
  • Have a demonstrated emergency situation

David Rhutasel Scholarship

  • Enrolled in HVAC degree or certificate program

Della and Floyd Hampton Memorial Scholarship Endowment

  • Assist students who are single mothers

Don McLeod Scholarship

  • Assist students enrolled in an associate or certificate degree program

Dorothy Sue GED Scholarship Endowment

  • Must be a GED recipient and enrolled full time

Dr. Diane Evans-Prior NMNEC Endowment Fund

  • Be dually enrolled in the CNM/UNM NMNEC Nursing program

Dr. Diane Klepper Endowment Fund

  • Enrolled in the Associates of Applied Science degree in Respiratory Therapy program
  • Must be enrolled full time (minimum of 12 credit hours)

DSRM National Bank Scholarship

  • Students in Accounting, Business Administrations, CIS, Engineering, Office Technology, Paralegal Studies, or Project Management

Eloy Reyes Title V Memorial Scholarship

  • Hispanic students in an associate's degree transferable to a four year institution

Ernest Garcia Emerging Artist Scholarship 

  • Enrolled in CNM studio art courses

Everest Jackson Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • Assist students enrolled in the CNM STEM-related field

Follett Bookstore Student Success Scholarship

  • Outstanding student majoring in a degree or certificate program

Frances R. Moore Memorial Scholarship

  • Employed by a financial institution and 3.0 GPA

Frank H. Luna Scholarship

  • Students employed at a local retirement or nursing facility

Fred C. and Priscilla M. Bottom Scholarship Endowment

  • Students in the School of Health, Wellness & Public Safety

Fred Hawker Scholarship Endowment

  • Students enrolled in the Computer Information Systems Program

French Stewart Presidential Scholarship

  • Recent high school graduates who completed at least 6 credits while in high school as a CNM Dual Credit student with a 3.0 GPA or better and enrolled in a business related associate degree program

Frontier Golden Pride Scholarship Endowment

  • Students who demonstrate continuing academic excellence, approaching graduation with a clear degree and career plan

Garcia Automotive Group Scholarship

  • Assist students in the Automotive Technology Program

George J. Maloof Memorial Scholarship

  • Outstanding successful student with financial need

Heather Mara Memorial Scholarship Endowment

  • Enrolled full time in the School of Communications, Humanities, or Social Sciences

Holmans/AT Trujillo Scholarship Fund

  • Enrolled in Computer Science, Engineering, Surveying, Geographic Information Technology, and Construction Management
  • Must be of Hispanic Heritage

Intel/CNM STEM Mentoring Opportunity

  • Majoring in Engineering, Math, Physics, or Advanced System Technology

Jacqueline Faculjak Memorial Scholarship

  • Nursing Students registered in NRSG courses at CNM

James Ivy Endowment EMS Scholarship

  • Enrolled in the Emergency Medical Services program

James P. Toler Scholarship Endowment

  • Students in the Surveying Engineering program

Janice E. Micali Scholarship Endowment

  • Single parents, with preference given to graduates of New Futures High School

Jim R. Higdon Scholarship Endowment

  • Students with exceptional merit and financial need to buy books/tools for their program

John Boydstun Scholarship

  • Enrolled in the Associate of Science in Mathematics program

John Mondragon Scholarship

  • Enrolled in any associate degree program
  • Be Part-time

Judith Adina Simon Scholarship

  • To assist students who are victims of domestic violence or homelessness and/or clients of La Familia

Kenneth Lindemann Memorial Endowment

  • Students who have overcome obstacles in the School of Business and Information Technology nearing completion of program

Kyla and Roger Thompson Veterans Scholarship

  • Students who are veterans
  • First priority will be given to those students not currently eligible for GI Bill benefits

Lavu Scholarship Endowment

  • Students seeking entrepreneurship opportunities through CNM programs

LJR Scholarship Endowment for Foster Care Youth

  • Students in the New Mexico foster care system for the one year period leading up to and including their 18th birthday;


  • Adopted or placed into legal guardianship out of the New Mexico foster care system after their 16th birthday
  • Must be a New Mexico Resident
  • Must be a citizen of the United States

Marilyn & David Ryerson Nursing Scholarship

  • Enrolled in the Nursing program and completed at least 12 credits of college level courses at CNM

Mark Armijo STEM Support Scholarship

  • Enrolled in non-credit entrepreneurial-related degree or certificate programs
  • Enrolled in a fast-track degree program
  • Enrolled in the Ignite Community Accelerator, Fuse Makerspace, Cyber Academy, Deep Dive Coding, and Entrepreneurial Mindset Programs
  • Not eligible for any financial aid

Mark Pardo Salon Endowed Scholarship in honor of A.J. "Pardo" Gonzales

  • Cosmetology students pursuing an Associates in Cosmetology

Mise En Place Scholarship

  • Enrolled in the Culinary Arts and/or Hospitality program
  • Have successfully completed one semester in the culinary and/or hospitality certificate or degree program

Molina Healthcare of New Mexico, Inc. Scholarship Fund

  • Enrolled in the Community Paramedic or Community Healthcare Worker Certificate programs

New Mexico Facility Managers Scholarship

  • Students enrolled in CNM's School of Applied Technologies

New Mexico Land Title Association Chili Currier Scholarship Endowment

  • New Mexico high school diploma with a 3.0 GPA

New Mexico Student Loan Guarantee Corporation Scholarship

  • Must be a New Mexico Resident and US Citizen or permanent resident
  • Has completed at least 12 college level credits at CNM

Noel & Frances Behne Scholarship Endowment

  • Students in the Nursing program

Ottens Foundation Emergency and Success Scholarships

  • Native American students enrolled in a Health related field

Park Saiz Construction Trade Scholarship Endowment

  • Enrolled in Plumbing, Electrical Trades, Carpentry, Air Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration, or Construction Management

Park Saiz GED Scholarship Endowment

  • Have a New Mexico GED and enrolled in a School of Applied Technology major

Pauline Armijo "Excellence in Education" Scholarship

  • Enrolled in a teacher education program

Phil C. Sanchez Memorial Scholarship Endowment

  • Financial need for students in realizing their educational dreams and goals

Phillip Gonzales Scholarship Endowment

  • Graduates of Pecos, Los Lunas, Las Vegas, Jemez Springs, or Cuba school districts

Richard & Linda Barr Scholarship

  • Nursing students currently enrolled in their 4th or 5th term of the Nursing program
  • Preference to New Futures High School graduates or single mothers

Ron Hackney Excellence Prize Scholarship

  • Spring award: Students can apply for scholarship at the start of the Spring 2019 term
  • Enrolled in the final term of a CNM Welding Certificate or Associate Degree program

Rust Opportunity Assistance Fund

  • An emergency fund for students experiencing an unforeseen financial situation

Sandia Foundation Scholarship

  • Assist graduates of Albuquerque High School

Sandia Resort & Casino Scholarship 

  • Students enrolled in the following programs;
    • Human Services, Psychology, Sociology
    • Nursing
    • Pre-Health Science: General Health Sciences Concentration; Pre-Health Education: Community Health Concentration; Pre-Nursing
  • Demonstrate a 3.0 GPA or higher

Sherman & Cathy McCorkle - WTC

Success CHSS Boye Foundation Award 

  • Graduating Fall 2019 with a CHSS certificate or Associates' Degree in Liberal Arts, Psychology, Sociology, Communications, Anthropology, History, or Political Science

Success Delta Dental Student Award 

  • Graduating Fall 2019
  • Enrolled in the final term of the CNM Dental Assistant certificate program

Success Health Wellness and Public Safety Scholarship

  • Graduating Fall 2019 with an Associates' Degree in any Health, Wellness and Public Safety program
  • Applied for CNM graduation in Fall 2019

Success Lovelace Award Endowment 

  • Graduating Fall 2019
  • CNM Nursing student with intentions of continuing onto a Bachelors of Science degree

Success Modrall Paralegal Scholarship 
Success Rodey Paralegal Scholarship 

  • Graduating Fall 2019 with an Associates' Degree in Paralegal Studies

Success PNM Renewable Technology Award

  • Graduating Fall 2019
  • Students nearing completion of a renewable technology program with plans to transition into the workforce

Success STEM/Engineering Scholarship

  • Graduating Fall 2019 with an Associate' Degree in a STEM field

Success Veterinary Tech Scholarship

  • Graduating Fall 2019 with an Associate' Degree in Veterinary Technology

Ted F. Martinez Scholarship Endowment

  • Have overcome personal hardships to attend CNM

TRW Space & Defense Scholarship Endowment

  • Applied Technology working towards a certificate or an associate's degree in Advanced Systems Technology and enrolled in ELEC courses

VK Memorial Scholarship Endowment

  • Single parents, New Future High School graduate

Warren D. Brown Scholarship

  • Enrolled in either the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing or the Bachelors of Science in Nursing dual degree program with CNM being the Home School

W.D. Hollingworth Memorial Scholarship Endowment

  • Students in a Business & Information Technology Associate's Degree Program

Who's Your Neighbor Scholarship

  • To assist students with tuition, fees, books, and equipment/tools who are not eligible for financial aid

Wilhelmina Neat Coe/Peace Foundation, Inc. Memorial Scholarship

  • CNM students transferring to UNM in the Fall term

Women in Corrections

  • Female currently employed in the criminal justice profession enrolled in criminal justice courses