Updates and Policies

The following is important information concerning financial aid
  • Limits to loan awards beginning Fall 2013 (PDF)
  • CNM disburses Financial Aid funds based on students' attending hour status.
  • Students will be paid after classes start.
  • Financial Aid checks are given out on a specific day each term, the Financial Aid Check Release Dates.
  • Waitlisted classes do not count as enrolled hours. There will be no financial aid deferment or disbursement for waitlisted classes.
  • Full-time attendance for all terms (Fall, Spring, and Summer) is twelve or more credit hours.
    • 9-11 credit hours is three quarter time
    • 6-8 credit hours is half-time
    • 1-5 credit hours is less than half-time
  • Financial Aid funds are sent to the student through direct deposit or by mail.