Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students

Federal Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) is for parents of dependent students and is meant to help parents pay for their children's education. All PLUS recipients receive their loan amount in two or more installments.

The parents of PLUS applicants must prove their credit worthiness; the PLUS applicant must complete a credit application from the lender.

The interest rate for PLUS varies. Check with your lender or financial aid officer for current rates. Repayment on PLUS loans begins 60 days after the lender disburses the check. The minimum payment varies with the amount of the loan.

Apply for Financial Aid

You should first apply for a Pell Grant and have your Stafford Loan eligibility determined before applying for a PLUS.


Your parents can borrow up to the total cost of attendance less any financial aid every 12-month period.

PLUS funds received by CNM are mailed to the parent borrower. For those parents who submitted a loan application after the regular disbursement date, a check will arrive six weeks after you submit your loan application.