Apply for Direct Loans

Before applying for a Direct loan, students must first apply for federal financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This application determines eligibility for Direct loans.

Once the institutional FAFSA file is complete at CNM, students may apply for a Direct loan. This procedure must be followed even though students feel they may not be eligible for a grant.

Instructions to Apply for Direct Loans

Students must
(a) complete loan entrance counseling, and
(b) sign a Master Promissory Note to request a loan.

Entrance and Exit Counseling

Students with loans who graduate, withdraw, or leave school, must complete an exit interview. An exit interview is a counseling session all student loan borrowers must attend before exiting CNM. At this session, the student will learn about debt management, what monthly repayments will be, the average amount all borrowers owe, and options such as deferments, forbearance, and loan consolidation.

Alternative Entrance Counseling

Loan Payment (The student must be attending a minimum of 6 credit hours for  disbursement.)