FAQs Related to COVID-19

Frequently asked financial aid questions related to COVID-19

I need help financially during this period. Do you have any emergency help for students? CNM has many scholarships available for students. If you’re facing significant financial issues that is jeopardizing you’re ability to pay for necessities – such as rent, food, gas and electric – the Rust Opportunity Assistance Scholarship is open for applications. There are many other scholarships available to help support students in covering the costs of a CNM education.

I need to buy a computer are there resources to help me buy a computer? Yes, first reach out to our community partners. If you have financial aid, you may use your financial aid for a computer. Contact the financial aid office for more information.

Can I still submit documents to complete my FAFSA? Yes, you can email  to submit any documents. You can send scans or photos of documents that you need to submit.

Can I still attend the in-person loan counseling? No, send a request to We will assist you at a distance in completing this requirement.

Can I still submit a financial aid appeal? Yes, you can! Email to submit all your appeal documents.

Can I drop my classes and not affect my Financial Aid? It depends. Before you withdraw or drop all your classes, please call us at 505-224-3090 to speak to a Financial Aid Advisor to see how this will affect you financial aid. We know that you may be struggling to complete classes because of the unfolding situation. 

I had to drop my courses due to COVID-19.  Will I lose my Lottery scholarship? No. Spring 2020 semester will not be counted for CNM students in their qualifying semester and it will not be counted for CNM students currently receiving the Lottery Scholarship. Students are required to submit a Lottery Appeal. If you have further questions about Lottery Scholarships, please send an email to 

I am a work study student and unable to work due to the COVID-19 as CNM’s campus is closed.  Will I continue to be paid? Yes. All work study students will continue to be paid your regularly scheduled hours.  Please contact your supervisor for information on submitting your timesheet and any additional concerns that you might have. 

I had to drop my courses after 3/13/20 due to COVID-19.  Will I owe back the financial aid I received this semester? No. Due to COVID-19, CNM students who withdraw from classes are not required to repay Financial Aid awards for Spring 2020 term regardless of dropped courses. This includes all grants, loans, and scholarships.

I am a former CNM student and cannot repay my student loans due to financial issues caused by the COVID-19.  What are my options? The US Department of Education has temporarily halted all student loan payments for the next 6 months, including any collections on defaulted student loans.  No interest or fees will be charged during this time period. 

I’m worried about my Satisfactory Academic Progress because of Spring semester. If you had to drop a class, don't pass a class or receive an incomplete for a class, this will affect your academic progress. If you are suspended from financial aid at the end of this term, you can appeal your suspension. Please include information in your appeal about how you were impacted by COVID-19 this semester.