Special Prerequisite Clearance

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All students should have official proof on file with Academic Records that they have completed required course prerequisites. 

However, new students may during their first term registration request a prerequisite clearance based on unofficial documents.

Important: A student should seek approval for the clearance BEFORE attempting to register to minimize delays.  Otherwise, the student will not be permitted to register or waitlist for the course(s).

Arts & Sciences: Courses numbered 1001 and above with subject codes: ANTH, ARBC, ART, ARTS, ARTH, ASTR, BIO, CHEM, COMM, CST, ECON, ENG, FREN, GEOG, GER, GNHN, HIST, HUM, JOUR, MATH, MUS, NUTR, PHIL, PHYS, PORT, PSCI, PSY, RLGN, SOC, SPAN, THEA.
Developmental: Courses 0999 and below.
CTE: Courses numbered 1001 and higher and not listed as Arts & Sciences.

If the student has attempted to register and got a "You do not meet the prerequisite(s) for this course" message or if the student knows they need to be cleared for a prerequisite, the student needs to complete the following steps before attempting to complete the registration process.

If the prerequisite is an Arts and Sciences or Developmental course students may be eligible for "One Time Request for Prerequisite Clearance."  The student must first determine whether the prerequisite is an Arts & Sciences, Developmental, or Career and Technical (CTE) course.

If the prerequisite is a CTE course, visit the school housing the course.  More information can be found in the CNM catalog.