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Get ready for taking online courses, contact an achievement coach and access other distance learning resources.

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CNM Online/Flex

There are two specific options for students within CNM Online that would like to complete their degree or certificate fully online. CNM Online - Flex uses competency based learning to earn a degree/certificate at your own pace by demonstrating what you know and what you can do.  The other option for you is the Online College. CNM Online - Online College provides a variety of degrees and certificates with a prescribed set of classes in 17 months. For more information and to apply for these options visit

Distance Learning

Distance Learning provides a more traditional college experience, students would apply with the general application. As a traditional CNM student, you can take Face-to-Face, Online, Hybrid or Blended classes.

Online Courses

Image of a laptop with text saying, "Online: 100% of coursework is done online."

Blended Courses

Images of a laptop, a plus sign, and a campus. Text says, "Blended: 51%-99% of coursework is done online; courses require some on-campus sessions."

Hybrid Courses

Images of a laptop, a plus sign, and a classroom. Text says, "Hybrid: 50% of coursework is done online and 50% is done face-to-face in the classroom."

Distance Learning Jump Start Course

Learn the skills to be successful in distance learning classes. This self-paced lab is free, and available all year long! To self-enroll in the Jump Start Course review the following instructions:

How to Self Enroll

  • In the "Course Catalog" box there is a link called " Jump Start Course ," click on the link.
  • Then at the bottom of the next page you will see " Jump Start Course " with a pull down arrow. Click on the arrow.
  • Then click on the word, " Enroll ."

Will be available Monday-Friday beginning at 8  a.m. with the last request at 4:40 p.m. Check here for more information.

How to Get Help

If you forget your username and/or password contact ITS at (505) 224-4357. If you need help with CNM Learn, our 24/7 online support phone is (888) 560-4927. You can also submit a help request online at

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