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Transition an Individual Course to Brightspace

You are able to request that your course be transitioned from Blackboard to Brightspace if you are teaching an individual course Spring 2021 term.

We ask that you submit a Brightspace Course Transition Request for the following circumstances:

  • When you need to transition your Blackboard course into Brightspace. 
  • When you need to transition from your Brightspace sandbox/shell into Brightspace. 
Also, please use the request form to: 

  • Notify us that you do not need a course transitioned because you will build it yourself in Brightspace.
  • Notify us that you do not want DL to transition a course because you will import your own. 

Course Transition Request

Interested in copying your own course over to Brightspace?

Download our Blackboard to Brightspace: Exporting and Importing

Blackboard Course Copies

All submitted course copies are tracked for quality assurance. 

Submit a
Course Copy Request

Distance Learning Faculty Guidebook

Read the Distance Learning Faculty Guidebook. This guide provides you with college policies and relevant information related to teaching online at CNM. 

What is the CNM Learn Classroom?

The linked document outlines the standard course structure used in your CNM Learn courses. This layout enables students to work more efficiently online and meets many Quality Matters Standards. Read more information about the CNM Learn Classroom. Also, review the standards from the QM Higher Education Rubric, Sixth Edition.