M.J. Zimmerman, Innovation Faculty Developer, Spring 2014

Sustainability across the CNM Curriculum

Humanity currently faces the challenge of how to live sustainably, how to balance concerns for people, place, and profit. CNM is already a leader in building and operating sustainable campuses and is now moving towards introducing the topic of sustainability more widely across the college curriculum. The academic study of sustainability is an enlivening addition to a wide variety of classes, and faculty can begin to integrate this topic into their existing courses, incorporating sustainability into a class with pedagogical benefits. Sustainability connects to every discipline and all disciplines offer perspectives to the study of sustainability.

I will be helping faculty in CHSS to incorporate some lessons in sustainability into their current classes. These lessons could include a Service Learning component, such as helping with CNM's Recyclemania Tournament, or volunteering for a local nonprofit which works on sustainability topics. The goal is to help at least ten CHSS faculty make curricular changes and implement them by the end of this semester. I will help faculty brainstorm about how sustainability connects to their subject matter, help them do research to find resources, help them to design assignments, and help them to debrief about what they learned after the assignments have been implemented. I will also post resources and assignments on the Sustainability Team Sharepoint site for other faculty to use in the future.

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