Beth Giebus-Chavez, Innovation Faculty Developer, Spring 2014

Mindfulness in Teaching/Teaching Mindfulness

In April 2013, the Associated Press cited a report: In the year 2000, the average attention span of Americans was 12 seconds; by 2012, it had declined to 8 seconds. As college instructors, many of us can attest to our students’ increasing lack of focus in the classroom, as they disengage from class activities to check their smartphones for a text message or Facebook status update. Like the “white elephant in the room” that we would like to ignore (but can’t), student inattentiveness can be annoying, frustrating, and demoralizing. Moreover, how can our students achieve their highest learning potential without the tools to “focus”?

Mindfulness in Teaching/ Teaching Mindfulness is an interdisciplinary project designed to give instructors a variety of mindfulness-based ideas and “hands-on” applications so that they can create an attentive, supportive and engaged environment in their classroom. Participants will also obtain direct, personal experience of mindfulness practice and learn how it applies to both professional and personal practice.

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