Asa Stone, Innovation Faculty Developer, Fall 2014

Experiential Learning

My mission as an Innovative Faculty Developer is to promote applications of experiential learning. Experiential learning is a process of understanding through direct experiences. It helps students uncover the previously unknown relevance of course contents to its applications. It is also known as action learning and learning by doing.

In an experiential learning environment, students 1) experience a course topic first hand through an activity, 2) reflect on the activity and share their perspectives with others, 3) analyze their experience, and 4) conceptualize their experience and connect the activity, their reflection, and the course concept, and 5) experiment with their learning experience by applying it their own lives. These five steps actively engage students in a given topic and promote student knowledge and skill retention. My action research suggests that experiential learning activities provide students opportunities for not only academic development (e.g. improved performance and retention) but also personal development (e.g. improved interest and confidence). It also suggests that students appreciated experiential learning opportunities. As an evidence-based tool, ample peer-reviewed manuscripts are available as well. For more information, please visit my storify (

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