Chris Morosin, Innovation Faculty Developer, Fall 2014

Sustainability in the Classroom

There are a number of efforts underway at CNM toward a more sustainable environment, through teaching and learning in the classroom, better design of campus infrastructure, and in how we procure and use resources throughout the college.  At the same time, as faculty we have only so much instructional and preparation time to work with, and we need to manage our own resources in a “sustainable” manner.  Perhaps you would like to create a sustainability-related learning experience that requires the blessing of the facilities department or which would be enhanced using the tools and expertise of students and instructors in another department.  Or, you recall someone working on a similar project a few years back, but never heard what became of it.  This project will help facilitate how we integrate learning opportunities related to sustainability across campus and brainstorm some strategies for making these projects create lasting value for your students and the college.

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