CTL Innovation Faculty Developers Scholarships

Supporting faculty in exploring, developing, implementing, and supporting others in adopting and practicing innovations in teaching

While innovative teaching enhances student learning in CNM classrooms, it often happens in isolation with few structural mechanisms for such innovation to be shared and to spread between and beyond classrooms in ways that more quickly realize a vision of innovative teaching as a standard, rather than an exception.  The CTL's Innovative Faculty Developers (IFDs) program is such a system, designed to identify proven innovations in teaching and learning and to supporting their use through sustainable and effective forms of faculty professional development.

Innovation Faculty Developer Scholarship

The Innovation Faculty Developers Scholarship provides a one semester (1) course release or project compensation to allow selected faculty time to disseminate a proven teaching strategy more widely--in the department, school, and/or college.  One faculty member will be selected from each of the six schools at CNM.

Innovation Faculty Developer Responsibilities

Innovation Faculty Developers' responsibilities may include:

  • CTL conference presentation (schedule and selection process allowing)
  • CTL workshop offering(s)
  • School meeting presentations
  • Organize and lead a Faculty Learning Circle focused on the innovation, to provide ongoing group support in implementation
  • Complete CTL Peer Coaching training and conduct peer coaching related to innovation
  • CTL Innovation Faculty Developers cohort meetings
  • "Results" presentation(s) (to Deans Council, President's Council, etc.)

Applications for Innovation Faculty Developers are not being taken at this time.