CTL Assessment Coach Program

Faculty professional development focused on effective assessment practices.

CNM Faculty have the opportunity to share their most innovative and effective learning assessment strategies by applying to be a CTL Assessment Coach.  The goal of the program is to encourage assessment approaches that 1) are useful and meaningful at the course level, and 2) can provide information applicable to program-level assessment.

Application and Selection

The CTL Assessment Coach program provides one-semester of special project compensation to encourage faculty members to disseminate proven strategies more widely across the college. Program proposals must meet the following criteria:

  1. The proposed assessment methodology has broad application across CNM programs. It may be specific to a broad competency (e.g., a best method for assessing writing) or may be applicable across a wide range of disciplines (e.g., using rubrics to relate findings from diverse classroom assessments to program-level learning outcome statements).
  2. The assessment methodology proposed by the applicant is already proven to be effective (through the faculty member’s own action research or peer-reviewed research) in promoting improvements in student learning outcomes by informing faculty-led changes.
  3. The proposed assessment methodology is not part of mainstream practices in teaching and learning at CNM (i.e. it may be an established best practice but is not widely adopted in our classrooms and/or programs).
  4. The proposed assessment methodology can be scaled up. 
  5. The proposed methodology can be shared, taught, and implemented by instructors within one semester.

Note: The Assessment Coach initiative is not meant to be used for specific assessment development projects.  If an assessment change has been adopted and is being implemented, the Assessment Coach position may be appropriate for wider training/dissemination, as long as there is a focus on the methodology associated with the changes.

Additional application and selection criteria are included in the program description.

Apply to be an Innovation Faculty Developers for Spring 2016:
    Assessment Coach Program Description
    Assessment Coach Application

Applications are due by Friday, October 30, 2015