Tentative Conference Program

3rd Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning at CNM

The program for this year's conference is multifaceted, intended to address the needs and interests of the diverse range of CNM faculty and to meet each faculty member at his or her stage of professional development.

Excellent Teaching through Action Research

This year’s thematic focus, Action Research, is a systematic process for the reflective teacher to test and evaluate classroom practices to improve student learning.  The conference keynote speakers will define and outline a process for Action Research, provide several examples of Action Research projects conducted by community college faculty, and consult individually with faculty members interested in pursuing Action Research projects.

Reflective Practice

Continuing the theme of the 2014 Conference on Teaching and Learning at CNM, attendees of this year's conference will find opportunities to explore the 4 Lenses of Reflective Practice in Teaching within the CTL's philosophy of self-directed professional development. Sessions providing practice in all four lenses highlight the tentative program, and Faculty Learning Circles will have meeting opportunities scheduled throughout the conference day.

Concurrent Sessions on Teaching and Learning

Your CNM colleagues proposed dozens of interesting and valuable sessions on a variety of topics related to teaching and learning--more proposals than the conference program could accommodate. The tentative list of session titles below are being scheduled; a complete program will be available soon.

  • Incorporating Grammar Instruction into English 1101
  • The Lighthearted Professor:  Positive Psychology for the Master Teacher
  • Why Students Hate Online Classes!
  • Annotating Across the Disciplines
  • Envisioning a Mindful CNM Community
  • How to Force Your Students to Learn the Hard Stuff through Outcomes-Based Grading
  • Are You Interested in Presenting Your Educational Research at Meetings and Publishing Your Work? If So, This Requires CNM IRB Approval. Come and Discover How This Process Works
  • How to Unlearn, Relearn, and Learn What Not to Learn about CNM Learn
  • Copyright Confidence
  • Disciplinary Literacy: Finding the Specialized Literacies of Sciences, Math, Social Studies, and Technical Subjects
  • How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Wikipedia
  • The Promise of 3D Immersive Educational Technologies
  • Fast Food Student Papers: Why It Matters and How We Can Make a Difference
  • Why Team-Based Learning?  Critical Thinking in Action!
  • Have a Tablet? Make It Your Teaching Buddy and Use It to Present and Record Live Lectures While You Annotate, Draw and Even Walk Amongst Your Students!
  • Augmented Video: It's More than Pressing Play
  • CNM Vision and Values: More Than Just Words
  • Practical Simulation Debriefing and Reflection
  • Learning to Flip
  • Small Group Instructional Diagnosis: Seeing Yourself through Your Students' Eyes
  • CNM Faculty Feedback (Early Alert Initiative)
  • An Innovative Teaching Method: Utilizing the "Campus As a Living Lab"
  • Developing "Independent" Learners
  • Using the CNM Learn Classroom: The Benefits and Importance of a Well-Designed Course
  • Creativity in the Classroom
  • Last Minute LALA Lounge
  • Bring Your Own Device at CNM: What Works and What Needs Improvement
  • Discipline-Appropriate Assessment Practices
  • CNM New Mexico History neXTbook: From Idea to App to WOW!
  • Lights, Camera, Action!: Using Video to Increase Engagement in Online, Hybrid, and Face-to-Face Classes